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   Chapter 522 Flying Sand And Rolling Stones

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6356

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The aura of the Heavenly Stage that was unleashed by Rocky was incredibly powerful. The three-tailed fox that was harassing him yelped in fear, retreating behind the lovely young maiden.

"You..." The little girl quaked in fear, staring at the man who was radiating the Heavenly Stage aura. She had clearly misjudged him. He initially looked like he was at the first or second grade of the Earthly stage, that's why she thought she could take him. Never in her wildest dreams would she have expected he was a master at the Heavenly Stage!

"So this is what the quote, 'There's always someone stronger than you', means," she said to herself softly.

"If you keep on messing with me, I will spank you," warned Rocky coldly. He hated it when people were unreasonable. Although this fine maiden was still young and ignorant, she should know her limit. Her unreasonable behavior was beginning to get on Rocky's nerves.

"How dare you!" the pretty girl cried timidly, obviously flustered. She hoped Rocky was bluffing.

Seeing that the little girl didn't believe him, Rocky sneered. In a flash, he vanished from atop Rubygon.

Before she could react, she sensed the tall, strong figure materialize from behind her. Too stunned to respond, she was overwhelmed by his powerful aura. As soon as she was about to turn around to face him, a hand suddenly grasped her by the arm. She was yanked forward so abruptly that she fell on her face, with her butt sticking out.

Slap! A sickening sound rang through the air.

"Ouch! That hurts!" The beauty cried out in pain. Her cheeks burned red with embarrassment. Biting her lower lip, her eyes welled up with tears, her delicate shoulders trembling slightly. She looked at him as though she had suffered a great injustice.

"If you even think about crying, I'll strip you naked and leave you in this dangerous place..." Rocky felt exasperated

have seen him before..." Watching Rocky's figure shrink as he grew farther and farther, she shook her head in disgust. "Why should I care about who he is? This guy had the audacity to spank me! I need to tell Erica. She ought to teach him a lesson." She danced giddily at the thought.

Meanwhile, Sabina had attracted the Furious Long-nosed Bear at the fourth grade of the five-star level. In a violent battle, Sabina and Duchess Silver fiercely fought with the bear.

"Frost Blade Dancing..." At the simple wave of her hands, Sabina conjured the ice spiritual power. Instantly, several frost blades were summoned and rained upon the Furious Long-nosed Bear.

The spirit-manipulated beast lifted its long nose to block the frost blades.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Despite its attempt at parrying the blades, the Furious Long-nosed Bear didn't come out of that attack unscathed.

In severe pain, the bear roared ferociously, swiping its nose toward Sabina, attempting to knock her over. As Duchess Silver rushed to her side, a cyclone suddenly formed. All of a sudden, a strong, howling wind whirled from the cyclone, hitting the long nose of the beast in midair.

The next moment, the waves around were surging, throwing sand and stones in all directions...

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