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   Chapter 521 The Arrogant Woman

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Updated: 2020-03-10 00:03

"Let me take a look." Rocky got up with a deep breath.

"I'll go with you." Sabina stood up alongside Rocky. She didn't want to let him go alone.

Rocky didn't refuse. Together, they walked towards the direction of the voice.

A few steps in, the ground beneath them vibrated as if something huge was approaching them.

"Wait, could these be related?" The two felt worried. They stopped in their tracks and waited for the vibrations to stop.

Suddenly, they saw a woman appear at the foot of the valley. She had a small and dainty face. She would have been pretty, if not for the blood running across her face and on her shoulders. The red color of the blood was a stark contrast against her pale skin. She looked weak and injured.

As soon as the woman walked forward, the trees behind her collapsed. Dust rose from the ground as it was hit with a heavy thud.

The girl continued walking towards Sabina and Rocky almost nonchalantly.

As she got closer, Rocky let out a small gasp. She was truly beautiful. Rocky guessed she was perhaps seventeen years old. Black hair framed her face and her clear eyes offered a sharp gaze. She wore a pink gauze dress with a phoenix emblem pinned on it. But Rocky wasn't just awestruck at her beauty; he was also stunned because she looked familiar.

"She is a spirit manipulator of the Magic Phoenix Empire." Sabina interrupted Rocky's thoughts and pointed at the pin on her dress.

"What is she doing here alone?" Rocky craned his neck to see if anyone else was following her. He only saw a three-tailed fox and no one else. What was strange about this was the fact that Rocky spotted at least five spirit manipulators of the Magic Phoenix Empire gathered together before. If she was one of them, it was curious that she was left alone.

"Maybe she was ambushed and separated from the others," Sabina guessed.

"Should we help her?" Rocky asked, taking note of the woman's nearing presence. It wo

he girl demanded. She was acting like royalty.

"Let's make something clear," Rocky said. "It wasn't my idea to save you. My beautiful bodyguard asked me to. I am not attracted to you nor do I find any compelling reason to protect you." Rocky was furious. This girl was playing with him and wasting his time as Sabina battled a difficult monster.

The woman blinked. "Do you want to die?" she said with a cold glare.

"I am not threatened by you," Rocky sneered. He really could not comprehend this woman's arrogance.

"Oh please, if I wasn't injured, I'd be much stronger than you. You're lucky I do not have my full strength," she threatened.

Rocky gazed at her from head to toe. He assumed she had the strength of the second grade of the Earthly Stage. She seemed strong enough to stand out among her peers.

Rocky decided to no longer indulge her and gestured Rubygon to leave.

At this sight, the woman called the attention of her three-tailed fox. "Go after him!" she ordered. The three-tailed fox hesitated not a single second and immediately pounced on Rocky.

Rocky had enough of it. His eyes flashed and he released his aura. He was at the Heavenly Stage and his aura easily enveloped the girl. The woman looked stunned and then her body collapsed to the floor as she trembled.

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