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   Chapter 517 Please Follow Me

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"Will you help me? Don't you want to get the Sea Blue Magic Jade?" Rocky looked at Sabina in confusion. He was not able to figure out why Sabina would help him in getting the Sea Blue Magic Jade, which was a treasure every spirit manipulator in the world dreamt of.

"Even as of now, there is only one spirit manipulator in the Wild Spirit Land who has owned the Sea Blue Magic Jade. The Sea Blue Magic Jade is very rare, and the way it recognizes its owner is even stranger, something which is hard to imagine. Therefore, its owner is definitely out of ordinary! There is even a prediction in the Wild Spirit Land that if a spirit manipulator was successful in getting his hands on the Jade, he would become an overlord!" Sabina suggested.

"Really? That's excellent. But how is it possible to make it acknowledge me as its master?" Rocky asked in confusion, as Sabina's guess was absolutely not based on evidence.

"Because..." Actually, Sabina herself didn't know the truth. She had a presentiment due to the strange things that had happened to Rocky and also due to the evil power hidden in his body. Of course, she was just trying her luck as she didn't have the confidence to make the Sea Blue Magic Jade recognize her as master. One must remember that Sabina was somebody who possessed some extraordinary talents. She was successful in becoming a spirit manipulator of the Supernal Stage at her young age, which only a handful of people in the Holy Dragon Empire were successful in achieving. Even though her talent was unquestionable, it was far from enough to make the Sea Blue Magic Jade recognize her. It was also not unknown that once upon a time there were people who were far more powerful than her. But, even those masters of the Divine Stage were unable to make the Sea Blue Magic Jade recognize them. Thus, it could be seen that the condition for the Magic Jade to admit the owner was not itself based on the strength of the spirit manipulator.

"Never mind. It would be better if you tell me regarding the promises you would like me to keep," Rock

e a few of the Heavenly stage. The remaining ones are of the Earthly Stage. Even if you suppress the spirit manipulator of the Supernal Stage, the leftover ones would be difficult to deal with," Rocky said and rubbed his chin.

"You are right. But don't forget that this is the Myriad Beasts Ground. Even for the spirit manipulators of the Magic Phoenix Empire, it would be very difficult for getting closer to the weird light. The closer they would approach to the weird light, more would be the danger. So, we must be more cautious," Sabina said.

"Don't worry. I have walked in and out of the Myriad Beasts Ground on several occasions. It would be alright to come with me," Rocky said with confidence and raised his eyebrows.

Sabina snorted. But she had to admit the fact that despite being in great danger all along the way, they didn't encounter any extremely complex situations and moreover, they didn't have to encounter any spirit-manipulated beasts. Because those beasts were above three-star or four-star, it would have been extremely difficult in defeating them. This showed the sublime capability of Rocky!

Then, Rocky and Sabina continued to move carefully towards the direction of the strange light. But it was unknown to them that up next they were to encounter some ghastly and dangerous situations. The trip to the Myriad Beasts Ground had just begun.

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