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   Chapter 513 Chasing in a Hurry

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As Rocky peered at the brain of the wild spirit-manipulated beast, he noticed that it was lobed. He proceeded to test every lobe on the brain, to confirm the functions of each lobe. He concluded that it functioned very similarly to that of a human's.

The frontal lobe in a human brain has an important role in controlling human's behaviors, thoughts, and so on. If the frontal lobes were damaged, people's thoughts, behaviors, and their self-controlling abilities would be greatly affected. In the modern world, some mental patients or patients with other recurring diseases would be treated by slicing off their frontal lobe. However, once the lobes were cut off, they would lose their own thoughts and free consciousness--whatever made them human. This meant they would live like the walking dead for the rest of their time on this world.

Although there were still differences between a beast's brain and human brain, the spirit-manipulated beasts had their own kind of intelligence. Which would explain why their brains— from the lobes to the lobes' functions— were similar to human brains.

After certain tests, Rocky soon was able to pinpoint the specific lobe in the spirit-manipulated beast's brain which acted like a frontal lobe in a human brain.

Then, Rocky cut off this part of lobe to test if doing so produced a similar effect as that in humans— the loss of thought and consciousness.

However, he couldn't sever the lobe completely. Once completely severed, the functions of some other lobes were very likely to be affected. Because the lobes worked in harmony through the nervous system, Rocky postulated that if he were to cut off a lobe completely, the system would go haywire— and worse, the beast could lose control and go ballistic.

So, the solution: cut off half of the lobe, leaving the rest of the nervous system undisturbed. However, this required extremely advanced surgical skills.

Of course, this was easy for Rocky. He picked up the scalpel and pointed it at the part he was to make an incision. He paused for a second, took a deep breath, and quickly but precisely swiped

y appear if something truly precious lay ahead. After all, it was the first time the Rainbow Glow Unicorn came and went in such a hurry.

"What did you say?" Sabina asked, unable to decipher Rocky's murmur.

"Nothing," Rocky said hastily. "Let's go to have a look." Of course, he didn't want to leave the Rainbow Glow Unicorn alone in a quest to look for the treasure.

"Let's go take a look? This is the Myriad Beasts Ground we're talking about— it's famed for being full of danger. Don't take sacrifice your life for your curiosity!" Sabina shouted coldly.

"You're coming with me, aren't you? I think it would be much safer if we held hands," Rocky responded nonchalantly.

Sabina paused, turning to look at the ice blue light that pierced the sky. She was admittedly curious, too. However, the Myriad Beasts Ground wasn't a place that could be entered on a whim, and even for her, the slightest carelessness might end in her demise.

"Well, I'm going even if you aren't," Rocky declared firmly. He was worried that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn had run too far away for him to catch up, so he summoned Rubygon and Uriah to leave with him at once. He climbed on Rubygon's back and chased the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, using its scent as a lead.

"Hey!" Sabina cried, but Rocky was already out of earshot at that point. Without further hesitation, Sabina summoned Duchess Silver and hurried after him.

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