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The next morning, as the bright light slanted through the trees, the sound of beasts around could be heard from time to time. As she opened her eyes, Sabina looked subconsciously towards the direction where Rocky was sitting cross-legged and cultivating the previous night. However, now he was nowhere to be found.

Immediately, Sabina got up and looked around. She found that Rocky's two spirit-manipulated beasts had also disappeared.

"Where did they go?" With knitted eyebrows, Sabina thought for a while, and then she disappeared in a flash.

Soon after, she was able to find out that Rocky was fighting against several two-star and three-star giant Horned Lizards in a forest of phoenix trees not far away. Uriah and Rubygon were also present.

Rocky and his two spirit-manipulated beasts were fighting in good coordination. Thus, even though the Horned Lizards had numerical superiority, they could not defeat Rocky and his team and were hit down on the ground one by one.

"How does he manage to manipulate the two spirit-manipulated beasts at the same time?" Sabina was totally puzzled to see the two spirit-manipulated beasts assisting Rocky during the fight, because it was just abnormal. However, she knew that Rocky was the disciple of Sheridan, who was known as the most powerful beast tamer of the Wild Spirit Land. But, it turned out that, even Sheridan was incapable of doing that himself.

However, Rocky's ability to manipulate the two spirit-manipulated beasts was not surprising news in the Crimson Dragon Group. Most of them, including Sabina, had seen that in person, so even if it seemed impossible, it was indeed a truth.

If Sabina had known that there was a Rainbow Glow Unicorn and a Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf hidden in Rocky's Magic Spiritual Space, she would have probably felt it to be unbelievable!

Sabina observed every movement of Rocky thoughtfully, not intending to help him. Since she had witnessed the evil and terrible power hidden in Rocky, she became more and more curious about him. Not to mention the fact that Rocky was somebody with a lot of incredible secrets. Some of these included his secret identity, his relationship with her master, his ability to control two spirit-manipulated beasts, his excellent medical skills and so

learn about which part of the brain lobes of different spirit-manipulated beasts controlled their nature and thoughts.

After paralyzing the brain of a wild spirit-manipulated beast with the surgical tools, Rocky used identification techniques to find that this wild spirit-manipulated beast had two brains, one big and the other small.

"It may be that the beast's small brain might have appeared and grown up naturally. In this case, this wild spirit-manipulated beast should be in a stage of transformation, and it is going to reach the higher star level. It is in a state of mutation, with the second brain growing," Rocky analyzed calmly. The three heads and six arms of the spirit-manipulated beast didn't appear all of a sudden and had a process of growing.

Then, Rocky's attention was drawn towards the big brain of the beast. The brain was divided into three parts, resembling a cake that had been cut into three parts. On the surface of the brain, there was a layer of faint spongiosum, and the spiritual source as tiny as the vein covered the bottom of the spongiosum.

Beneath the transparent spongiosum were the uneven sulci and gyri. Apart from the brain's shape which was different from that of the human brain, the actual structure of the beast's brain seemed to be similar to the human brain's structure. However, all the human brains had only four brain lobes. But, the different spirit-manipulated beasts' brains might possess two brain lobes, four lobes, perhaps eight brain lobes, or even more.

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