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   Chapter 510 Be The Tour Guide

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Updated: 2020-03-06 05:56

"What do you mean we have to narcotize their lobes?" It was the first time that Sabina was encountering such medical terms.

"Yes, we have to narcotize them. If we are able to narcotize the lobes of spirit-manipulated beasts with great strength and good physical condition, we can train them to transport food and materials for us." Rocky rubbed his chin. Due to Sabina's reminding, he could figure out such a way that used the spirit-manipulated beasts to provide better transportation in comparison to ordinary animals.

Sabina stared blankly, still trying to comprehend what Rocky was saying.

"Let's go." Rocky clasped his hands together. He was brimming with confidence.

"Where are we going?" Sabina asked.

"We need to catch some wild spirit-manipulated beasts and conduct experiments. We may have a shot at solving the transportation issue we've been facing," Rocky replied matter-of-factly.

"But only beasts with three-stars are suitable for transportation. The chance of catching such beasts is slim. This place near the logistics camp barely has any beasts that would qualify." Sabina figured Rocky was thinking of heading to the area around the logistics camp.

"I know that. That's why we'll go to the Myriad Beasts Ground." Rocky looked playful, as if he did not just suggest for them both to risk their lives.

"The Myriad Beasts Ground? Are you serious? You want to traverse to the Myriad Beasts Ground, one of the most dangerous places on the Gehenna Border and put our lives at risk?" Sabina looked fearsome. Even masters at the Supernal Stage or even the Divine Stage did not dare go to the Myriad Beasts Ground. Everyone knew it was dangerous. Even if Sabina allowed herself to be confident about her skills, she just wouldn't have the guts to go there, u

w and then let out a chuckle. He had been accustomed to her harmless threat.

"You..." Sabina rolled her eyes. Sabina was too infuriated to continue. Rocky's patronizing look pissed her more. She clenched her first and gazed coldly at Rocky.

"Anyway, enough talk. We have work to do. Put away your Duchess Silver. It's scaring the spirit-manipulated beasts," said Rocky seriously and abruptly. If he hadn't interrupted, Sabina would have gone off with a polemic.

But seeing the seriousness on his face, Sabina set aside her anger. She quickly got off her beast and followed Rocky's instructions.

"Just follow me. I can tour you." Rocky gestured towards the deeper part of the forest and began flying forward.

Sabina followed suit.

"This is the forest leading to the Myriad Beasts Ground," began Rocky. "It is home to dozens of wild spirit-manipulated beasts. Here, you can mostly find two- and three-star beasts. If you're lucky, you might also catch some rare beasts such as the Trunk Giant. If we can capture some Trunk Giants, that would be great." Sabina was impressed by Rocky's knowledge of the place. True enough, he acted like a tour guide of the Myriad Beasts Ground.

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