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   Chapter 509 The Transport Dilemma

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6197

Updated: 2020-03-06 05:55

"Lance's troops were spread out, making it difficult for the logistics camp to move. Now, speeding up the front line transportation will be difficult. Even if transporting via Hippo Land will be easier, it can't be moved to just anywhere since it's carried by water. Especially considering the ships full of provisions, the weather will have a great influence. As soon as the wind and the waves pick up, it'll be impossible to navigate and the provisions will go bad due to the moisture…" Rocky shook his head and sighed.

In short, the Crimson Dragon Army's main problem was its front lines. Because they were scattered in all directions, this weakened the transportation rate of the logistics camp's escort forces. Without support from the front line, the logistics camp couldn't find a way to accelerate transportation.

"Tricky indeed…" Rocky pondered. If only he had known better, he would've never agreed to Louis. He was asking for trouble.

Just when Rocky was observing the map, Sabina breezed in. Her willowy body and aloof face made for an irresistible combination that would lure in any man on the planet. In fact, numerous soldiers and generals of the logistics camp couldn't stop dreaming about her in their dreams ever since her arrival.

Noticing the deep furrow in Rocky's brows, Sabina asked, "What's gotten you so troubled?"

"Perfect timing Sabina! I need your help in figuring out how to accelerate the front-line transport." Rocky waved his hand, urging her to come over.

"You're smart, aren't you? Then this will certainly be a piece of cake." Sabina's brows wrinkled.

"Cleverness makes no pottage these years. Clever ones may get bald. Better not be too clever!" Rocky mocked himself. All Rocky wanted was some solid advice. After all, he was still a rookie in numerous aspects whereas Sabina was much more experi

luxury," Sabina concluded.

"Forget the animals. What if we changed them to spirit-manipulated beasts instead?" Rocky voiced out his brainstorm.

"Replace them with… No, it'll be too impossible and risky. Spirit-manipulates beasts need to be controlled by a spirit manipulator—which we only have around 20 to 30 in the logistics camp. Do you want all these spirit-manipulated beasts to pull cars?" Hearing his idea, Sabina thought he was just joking. Even if it could work, no spirit manipulator would allow his beast to become a cart pulling animal. What's more, the spirit-manipulated beast's powers would be dulled down.

"We won't know until we try. As long as we can capture some spirit-manipulated beasts and paralyze parts of their lobes, even an ordinary man could rein them easily since they can't think on their own. Of course, it comes with a price. Losing their powers and thought means that they'll become as harmless as ordinary livestock," Rocky warned. In the modern world, his experiments often resulted in abnormal genetic beasts with odd behavior and a fierce temper. To avoid being hurt, he would cut off portions of the lobes so that they would think less, kill less, and better suit for anyone's disposal.

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