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   Chapter 508 Surprising History

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"Without Rocky's interference this time, I will definitely tell the Crimson Dragon Army that it is doomed to fail!" Alyssa sneered. In the past, Rocky had constantly ruined her plans, which almost made the Timber Deity Empire lose its power. If it weren't for Rocky, then her plan might have been successful and they would have become an overwhelming threat to the Crimson Dragon Army.

"If we can defeat the Crimson Dragon Army this time and I can get Rocky, then I would have killed two birds with one stone," Woods said confidently upon hearing Alyssa's words.

"Your Royal Highness, I have something to say. However, I'm afraid whether I should say it or not." Suddenly out of nowhere, Dunn asked for his permission.

"Come on, just spit it out!" Alyssa turned to look at Dunn.

"This guy, Rocky, is probably not an ordinary person. And keeping him is not a good thing for the Timber Deity Empire. Moreover, Your Royal Highness may not have complete confidence in bringing him back to the Timber Deity Empire. Which is why I think..." Dunn hesitantly said as he glanced at Woods.

"Wait, what do you mean by Rocky 'not an ordinary person'?" confused, Alyssa couldn't help but ask.

Right after the much confusing statement, Woods, along with the other commanders also looked at Dunn with bewildered faces.

"The Crimson Dragon Group has many rumors about Rocky. As far as I know, he was initially banished to the northeast military camp, and stayed unknown in the said camp since then. It was only when he showed his military talent that even Lance had thought highly of him in the Army Flag Contest. He later challenged me in the competition in which he had defeated me. But to everyone's surprise, he refused Lance's promotion offer and headed back to the northeast military camp. And Your Royal Highness has already known almost everything that had happened since then..." Dunn told them all the information he knew about Rocky.

"Even so, I still don't understand why you would brand Rocky as someone who is not an ordinary person." Alyssa's eyes widened at the thought of it.

"First of all, Rocky was banished to the army which clearly means that he must have done something unforgivable. But as far as I know, even Lance doesn't know where Rocky was banished from, not even the reason behind it. From this, we can infer that Rocky's identity was strictly confidential.

targeted Rocky again, he was doing his old business in the logistics camp. He was both the breeder and the beast curer who treated the injured spirit-manipulated beasts. After all, his laboratory was continually being built in the Magic Spiritual Space.

"Oh, Camp Director Louis asked me to help him figure out how to speed up transportation to the frontline. Oh boy, I almost forgot about it," said Rocky, who had just finished the surgery and was walking out of the beast farm.

Afterwards, Rocky immediately returned to a tent that Louis specially arranged for him near the beast farm. After entering, he saw that the map and sand table in the tent were well equipped, and all kinds of information that came from the battlefield were carefully prepared for him so that he would be able to know the progress of the battle between the Crimson Dragon Army and the Timber Deity Empire at any given time.

But of course, Rocky realized that it might be an order from Isis before she left.

Rocky casually unfolded a map of the seven strategically important areas including the Deity Unicorn Valley and started to make a detailed analysis of the troop deployment of the Crimson Dragon Army. To be honest, Lance had made a wrong formation from the very beginning, which was why the Timber Deity Empire had the opportunity to capture three strategic areas one after the other.

However, the spreading of the battle line would surely expose its own disadvantages. With that being said, it was no easy job to speed up the transportation of their supply of food and materials at that given time.

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