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   Chapter 507 The Secret plan

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"Then you should come back to the Crimson Dragon Army with me!" Isis cried. "They can protect you. It's also extremely risky for you to stay here, with your current condition!" She hadn't thought to consider Rocky's safety. Now that she could see how precarious his condition was, she felt a bit worried. She also felt it would be dangerous to leave Rocky in the logistics camp.

"As long as I don't interfere, the Timber Deity Empire won't do anything to me, because they've already reached their goal," Rocky replied. "In fact, during the time on Mount Clouds, the prince withdrawing the array that had trapped us not because he believed that I would betray the Crimson Dragon Army, but it was because he had wanted to take this opportunity to trap the Crimson Dragon Army. Now, the Timber Deity Empire has succeeded. I believe that once they find out I have been relegated to logistics camp, they will probably lower their guard. So, if I lie low for a while, they will forget about me. Besides, at the moment, I have another master at the Supernal Stage to protect me," Rocky finished with a shake of his head. In fact, he had already figured out the prince's plans after he saved Isis. However, he had been more worried about Isis' safety, so he didn't think too much at the time.

"Are you really not going back with me?" Isis pleaded. Seeing Rocky's disposition, she knew that he had made up his mind--but this didn't stop her from trying to reason with him.

"You should go back. The Crimson Dragon Army needs you, Deputy Commander in Chief— more than they need me. It's time for you to go back and lead the troops. Otherwise, the Crimson Dragon Army will be seriously disadvantaged, fighting against Timber Deity Empire!" Rocky dodged the topic by shaking his head once more.

Judging from Rocky's words, Isis knew he was too stubborn to go back to the Crimson Dragon Army with her. Her eyes flashed a strange color in anger, but later grew bleak in her he

past years. I won't treat you shabbily!" Alyssa nodded with a flourish.

"Thank you, Your Royal Highness," Dunn raised his head and said, "After I pretended to be injured and went back to the main camp of Crimson Dragon Army, I heard that Rocky was relegated to logistics camp and removed the position of Crimson Dragon Army Elite Commander. It seems that he won't be helping the Crimson Dragon Army anytime soon."

"Brother, you seem to have succeeded in your plan." Alyssa immediately turned to Woods, a shrewd look on her face.

"Didn't you blame me for sending the tiger back to the mountains?" Woods looked at Alyssa smilingly. After she heard that he released Rocky and Isis, she thought they were releasing the tiger back to the mountains. She didn't know it was a plan until Woods told her the truth.

"You didn't tell me your plan! If you told me in advance, how could I have blamed you?" Alyssa replied sulkily. She looked at Woods reproachfully.

"Now that Rocky has been wronged by Lance, he must be full of resentment. It's doubtful he'd continue to help the Crimson Dragon Army after what happened. This is a great opportunity for us. I can try to draw him over to my side. I'm going to see him..." Woods said confidently. It was obvious that Woods was dead set on getting Rocky to join him.

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