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   Chapter 506 Acceptance

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"Please take good care of it. Make sure that the blood is not transfused too fast..." Rocky reminded Sabina.

After taking a close look at how Rocky did it, Sabina seemed to finally understand how it was done. She then took over the blood transfusion tube and continued with Silver Wind's blood transfusion.

Afterwards, Rocky then used the Stroking Evaluation Skill and the Mysterious Visual Evaluation Skill to look for any of the broken meridians in the patient's body. He needed to use the skills due to the fact that those meridians were attached under the skin and were more slender than the ordinary ones, hence, making them more difficult to spot than the ordinary ones.

Seeing that Rocky's Beast Evaluation Skill was very powerful, Sabina was immediately overwhelmed. Moreover, being so skillful of Rocky made her wonder how many more skills was the guy hiding. To her, seeing Rocky perform powerful skills was always surprising to her every time.

Time flew by and Rocky kept looking for the meridians with great patience. Once he found them, he would accurately cut a small mouth from the outer layer of its skin. Then, according to the conditions of the wounds, he would either stitch it, or use the diluted magical saliva to heal it.

He continued to do this repetitive cycle of searching and healing for six hours.

Both Rocky and Sabina were very tired as the whole operation took them nearly all day to perform.

"It should be okay now." Rocky felt relieved after he finished suturing the last meridian. At that moment, sweat was all over his body as he was tired to his core for it was really exhausting to perform the operation. After all, it almost consumed their whole day, which an ordinary human would be unable to do.

Turning his head, Rocky then took a look at the blood vat and saw that the blood had almost met the bottom. Then, he reached his hand to feel Silver Wind's temperature and found out that it had already returned to normal.

"Thanks for all of your hard work," Rocky said as he acknowledged Sabina's hard work. She was a good assistant— patient and careful. Although it was her first time to do so, she looked very experienced.

Humming, Sabina then turned around and walked out of the Magic Spiritual Space.

Soon, Rocky began to clean the Magic Spiritual Space thoroughly. He threw the used styptic cottons along with some other wastes into the empty vat. Then, he put away his surgical tools and relevant m

r in Chief, because I have indeed caused irreparable harm to you. Moreover, I also know that he loves his daughter very much, so he totally had every reason to do so. I am not that petty, you know," explained Rocky sincerely.

"Then why won't you go back with me? If you come back with me, I will definitely ask my father to return the Crimson Dragon Token to you and resume your post. Or, if you want, I can even let you be in my post— to be the Deputy Commander in Chief..." Isis said excitedly as she laid out his options.

"I have my own considerations. In fact, I don't think I'm suitable to lead my soldiers to fight in battles. From the beginning, I never thought of getting involved in the war between the Holy Dragon Empire and the Timber Deity Empire," Rocky said firmly.

"But it's true that you have helped the Crimson Dragon Army out of traps many times, haven't you? If you didn't want to get involved, then why did you do that?" confused, Isis suddenly asked.

"So, I regret it now. I won't do the same thing again," Rocky calmly replied.

"You..." stunned, Isis said upon hearing what he had just said.

"After all, I'm already the target of the Timber Deity Empire. This time, they used you to seduce me, and it is possible for them to do it again. Moreover, if they can't get me after trying any more methods, then the only way to stop me from helping the Crimson Dragon Army is to get rid of me. Can't you see? There is no good option for me!" Rocky explained his situation in all honesty.

Falling into silence, Isis suddenly realized that Rocky was right all along. He was indeed, in a very dangerous situation!

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