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   Chapter 505 Her Future's Destruction

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Meanwhile, Rocky dripped a few drops of magical saliva into a bowl before diluting it with water. He then smeared the mixture onto the organs that just had the necrotic tissue cut off.

"You're too kind using that much. Why were you so willing to use that many drops for Silver Wind's wounds?" Sabina asked him. She was a little surprised at how much he gave without any hesitation. As far as she knew, the miracle liquid was no less precious than the rare treasures. In fact, using the liquid together with the rare treasures would help amplify the effect—an effect that Sabina realized Rocky was clueless about and led him to use it so carelessly.

What she didn't know was that the magical saliva was extremely easy for Rocky to extract and obtain.

"It's alright. It's just a few drops. Besides, it's a form of…compensation for the owner," Rocky explained in a low voice.

"What do you mean by compensation?" Upon hearing this, Sabina paused for a moment and then finally understood. She turned to Rocky and said, "But you've saved Isis' life. You had no choice but to ensure her safety, right?"

"Yes. But I've realized now that I've also ensured her future's destruction." Rocky was well aware that any woman who lost her virginity in this era would not only lose her future but be looked down upon by society as well.

"If you feel guilty for what you've done, then marry her," Sabina suggested.

Rocky was taken aback by her proposal. He turned to her, his face surprised.

"Don't give me that look. You'll be one lucky man if you can accomplish that. Besides, even if you did want to marry her you don't know yet if she's willing to be your wife. Look at you. Dirty. Shameless. Do you really think you're good enough to be her husband?" Sabina spat the words out of her mouth—purposely insulting him.

"Am I really that...unworthy?" Hearing this placed Rocky at a loss for words. He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry at the fact that Sabina saw him as good for nothing.

"At least

s hope, shall we? Marin, have you finished collecting the blood?" Sabina inquired Marin with raised eyebrows.

"Yes, I have." Marin turned to look at and check the blood tank.

Sabina stood in front of it. As she placed her hand on the tank, ice began to form between the tank and her palm. She lifted the tank into the air and returned it to the Magic Spiritual Space.

Back in the Magic Spiritual Space, Sabina placed the blood tank in front of Rocky.

"You're really strong. If I didn't know you, I'd have thought you were a man hiding in a woman's body." Rocky joked as he observed Sabina's unusual strength.

Sabina rolled her eyes in reply.

"Although the blood varies among the different spirit-manipulated beasts, they all share a common ingredient that allows me to mix different blood types in certain circumstances. Finding a compatible blood match for Silver Wind is quite tough. This blood is our only option." As he spoke, Rocky withdrew a thin, jade-colored vein derived from another spirit-manipulated beast. It was elastic yet tough, which made it perfect for blood transfusions.

One end of the vein was attached to a hollow, sharp tooth while the other was immersed into the blood tank. The tooth was inserted into the artery located in Silver Wind's neck. As Rocky squeezed the tube, the blood transfusion began.

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