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   Chapter 504 It Was Unusual

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6628

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"You…" Sabina gave a cold stare at Rocky. But, upon looking at the Silver Wind, which had regained its heartbeats, she couldn't help but ask, "Can Silver Wind survive this way?" While speaking, she looked at the Silver Wind. Although, it was weak and in coma, it looked much better than before with an increase in power in its body.

"Theoretically, you can say so. However, the damage to its organs is rather serious. Even if it survives, it may just remain alive bleakly. To make it regain its ability to fight, it is important to prevent its organs from getting worse," Rocky replied seriously.

"Then how can we prevent this from happening?" Sabina asked in confusion. To her knowledge, any damage to the internal organs would be persistent and extremely difficult to get healed.

"It's not that difficult to deal with. Just remove the necrotic tissues of its organs before the infection spreads. Then the resilience of Silver Wind will heal its organs," Rocky said calmly.

"I didn't understand what you were talking about, but it's very great of you to save Silver Wind's life. Even your master, the famous Sheridan, failed in doing so. It seems that your ability surpassed him!" Sabina exclaimed. It was rare for her to be so amazed, especially by a man.

"It is just the beginning. My aim is not only saving Silver Wind, but also to cure it completely," Rocky said firmly.

"Is it possible? As it was injured badly." Sabina was skeptical on hearing that Rocky could cure Silver Wind completely. She had just witnessed Rocky bringing the Silver Wind back to its life with her own eyes. But it would be a miracle if he could really cure it completely.

"I have a secret weapon," Rocky said, while raising his eyebrows mysteriously. Normally, it was indeed impossible to completely cure the Silver Wind, because removing the damaged tissues could hinder the normal functioning of the organs. Even the spirit-manipulated beast had a strong ability to heal on

agical saliva? That's impossible, because I am the only one who could possess this magical saliva in the whole world!" The words of Sabina also surprised Rocky.

It turned out that Sabina had already seen the magical saliva before and even had used a few drops. It was her master Marcia, who gave it to her. At that time, she felt the miracle liquid to be indeed magical and enquired about its source. However, her master informed her that it was just gained by accident.

That was the reason for Sabina getting surprised when she saw the magical saliva in Rocky's possession. However, with what Rocky had disclosed, it seemed that the liquid was unique to only him.

"If he was indeed the one who gave the miracle liquid to my master?" Sabina guessed. After all, according to what she had known, the relationship between her master and Rocky was quite out of ordinary. And his Spiritual Weapon was a treasure of her master. These facts indicated that the miracle liquid of her master was actually given by Rocky.

The more she thought about it, the more curious she was about the relationship between her master and Rocky. Quite evidently, they were not just friends, because either her master had given the most precious Frozen Wind Dagger to Rocky, or Rocky had sent the mysterious miracle liquid to her master!

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