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   Chapter 502 The Surgery

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"I'm ready to start the surgery. As my assistant, you would need to give me the operating tools and other materials that I need so that we could all save some time. Moreover, you would have to keep an eye on Silver Wind and pay good attention to its temperature. If the effectiveness of the anesthesia in its body starts to weaken, give it a little more Centipede-snake's venom..." Rocky solemnly instructed Sabina.

As she listened to his instructions, Sabina was not able to help but stare at Rocky coldly. In fact, this was the first time that she had looked at him with so much gravity. That was because this time around, he seemed like he had control of everything, along with the aura that was quite invincible.

"Now, remember these operating tools and materials..." reminded Rocky. Then, he laid out all the tools and materials that they needed for surgery and introduced them to Sabina one by one so that she could be familiar with them.

Being a good listener, she took some notes so that she could not forget them.

"Are you able to remember all of them?" Rocky asked Sabina as he finished instructing her what to do.

After hearing what he had just said, Sabina nodded in agreement.

"Okay, then. Now it's time to start the surgery," Rocky uttered. After he finished his words, he turned to Silver Wind and reached his hand out to Sabina, and ordered, "Give me the scalpel."

Immediately, Sabina picked up the scalpel and some of the hemostatic cloth, and handed them over to Rocky.

Rocky immediately took the tools and cut Silver Wind's belly. However, the skin of Silver Wind was too thick and solid that it couldn't be cut through by just a simple scalpel. Rocky tried for a few more times to cut through the tough layers of skin, but to his dismay, the result was still the same.

"Let's use the Frozen Wind Dagger." Upon seeing the situation, Sabina immediately reminded him about another solution.

Running out of options, Rocky then had to pull out the Frozen Wind Dagger. He disinfected it, and then swept it at Silver Wind's belly. This time around, it was just like cutting through butter as he was able to slice open its skin


"Please lower the temperature of Silver Wind and let it get into a state of shock for a while." Rocky instructed Sabina after careful consideration. As an Ice royal spirit manipulator, Sabina was able to lower the temperature of Silver Wind directly with the use of her spiritual power.

"Shock?" Sabina asked. Lost in translation, she didn't understand what this modern term meant.

"It means that the blood circulation in Silver Wind will slow down, so that its heart cannot get enough blood to deliver, and thus making it suspended in animation," explained Rocky.

"But isn't that very dangerous?" Sabina frowned and asked after hearing what Rocky said.

"This is the only way on how we could safely stitch up Silver Wind's heart meridian. Otherwise, it will cause great damage to its heart if the stitches are forcefully done. Moreover, it might even kill Silver Wind," Rocky replied with a serious look on his face.

"Are you entirely sure that this is necessary?" Sabina asked with uncertainty. Even if only she knew very little about Beast Curing Skill, she had the basic knowledge. Therefore, she knew that it was risky for Rocky to do such a move.

Without hesitation, Rocky nodded.

Seeing that Rocky had already made up his mind, Sabina hesitated for a while and then raised her jade palm. Soon, her palm was surrounded by freezing ice air. Afterwards, she hovered her jade palm on Silver Wind's frail body.

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