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   Chapter 499 He Is Excellent

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Another day passed in a twinkle of an eye. Time flew from dawn to dusk.

Without even taking a sip of water, Sheridan rushed over from the headquarters in a long distance. He immediately rushed to the beast stable which was temporarily set up for Silver Wind to check its condition.

Lance, Isis and Marin were waiting fretfully outside the stable. They all expected Sheridan could give them a good news. They were desperately waiting for the news that would bring a wide smile on their faces.

It had been a while before Sheridan came out of the stable.

"How could Silver Wind be so badly hurt?" Sheridan asked, frowning.

"Is there any way to cure him, Sheridan?" asked Lance. "We need it to be alright, can't bear if it is hurt.

Sheridan...Tell us!" said Marin. Isis looked at Sheridan with a hint of hope on her worried face as she knew that she would break out if she heard something negative.

"I'm afraid I can't. It's already a miracle for Silver Wind to be alive till now as its heart has cracked into tiny fragments. It's because of all the prayers that she has lived after the disaster," sighed Sheridan. His face darkened and hands shivered.

Lance's face darkened when he heard this and Isis looked like she was going to tear apart. It was undoubtedly a grievous news for her. Silver Wind was like family to them and this news was indeed disheartening.

"Don't be so worried. Maybe we have other solutions. We will do our best," said Marin. Seeing this, Marin grabbed Isis' right hand and comforted her in a soft voice. Isis was more attached to Silver Wind. She couldn't control when she heard this news.

"Is that true that you can do nothing to this, Sheridan?" asked Lance. He wanted to know all the possibilities to help Silver Wind.

"The best I can do is to make Silver Wind survive for some more time, but after that, I am afraid it would still can't survive. Poor thing!" Sheridan shook his head. He looked at the wounds on Silver Wind and felt that even the great God was powerless to save its life. He was badly bleeding and time was ticking.

"Sheridan, please think of another way. You must save Silver Wind ...He is our family," cried Isis. She begged as if her heart was broken and couldn't stand this anymore.

"Isis, it's not that I don't want to help. It's that Silver Wind was badly injured. You know that I would use every drop of my sweat to rescue it," said Sheridan. His old face wrinkled in regret. "How could he not want to save Silver Wind? After all, Sliver Wind and Verdani

onsiders this issue and tries to help Silver Wind," Lance sighed. He had no choice but listen to the god's order. However, if something bad happened to Silver Wind, he would surely be blamed by his daughter. He knew that he wouldn't be able to justify.

After a day and night journey, Isis and Marin arrived at the logistics camp.

The appearance of two women immediately caused a sensation in the whole logistics camp. Following the arrival of the cold and stunning Sabina last time, the show up of two great military flowers of the Crimson Dragon Group was news among the generals of the logistics camp. They were a feast in their eyes as women rarely visited the logistics camp.

At this moment, Sabina who was cultivating in the camp, heard the noise outside and went outside to have a look. Seeing it was Isis and Marin, she went straight to them with a strange look as their sudden visit was a matter of suspicion.

When the generals saw Sabina, they immediately made way for her. After a while, the logistics camp was displaying the beauty and the spring scene, which made all the generals salivate and fascinated. They were mesmerized by the beauty of these women.

"Sabina, where is Rocky? Tell him to meet me right now!" ordered Isis. She was woman of power and knew exactly what to do.

"Maybe in the beast farm. Are you okay?" asked Sabina, glancing at Isis from head to toe. She looked thinner than before, but it seemed that she was fine.

Not answering her question, Isis walked towards the beast farm restlessly. She was full of despair, but decided not to show it out.

"What happened?" asked Sabina. She looked at Marin expecting her to reply as she was confused.

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