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   Chapter 494 A Man of Mystery

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5379

Updated: 2020-03-06 02:43

"Why is there an inscription of General Marcia's Snowflake Mark on this Spiritual Weapon?" Marin wondered while holding the Frozen Wind Dagger in her hand. At the back of her head, she knew the answer to her question, but she was still in disbelief. It was obvious that the Frozen Wind Dagger belonged to Marcia. Otherwise, it couldn't have Snowflake Mark. Besides, Frozen Wind Dagger was a very special Spiritual Weapon, which was extremely rare. The Frozen Wind Dagger with the Snowflake Mark on it meant that it was Marcia's favorite.

An even bigger question for Marin then was what Rocky had been doing with the weapon. In the first place, how did he even acquire it? Marcia should have been carefully protecting such a precious weapon. It would have been impossible for Rocky to get a hold of the weapon. Unless Marcia willingly gifted the dagger to Rocky. But why would Marcia even do that?

"Does it have anything to do with his secret identity?" Marin's hand scratched her chin. Marin thought there was something more to the story. Sabina had been tasked to protect Rocky. Perhaps he had a special relationship with Marcia. And so Marcia sent Sabina to protect Rocky.

Sabina was Marcia's apprentice. If she sent her apprentice to protect Rocky, he must have been special to her.

Marin's mind was in places. She felt like she barely knew who Rocky was. He had too many secrets. Much more, she could not comprehend what Marcia, one of the Three Great Generals from Holy Dragon Empire, had to do with him. The Commander in Chief used to speculate that Rocky was a member of the royal family. It

instinct was to deny everything that Sabina said. But even she knew everything Sabina said was true.

"You'd better go back. Keep a distance between you and him. It's what's best for you," Sabina added.

"But," Marin insisted, "I had orders from the Commander in Chief." Marin knew that the sight of Rocky distracted her.

"Don't worry about him. I'll look after him. Just take care of Isis. When she wakes up, you will know the truth. Prepare yourself," Sabina advised.

"Do you think Rocky really did that?" Marin asked. Deep down, she knew what Sabina meant.

"All I know is that Isis holds the truth. Right now, the Commander in Chief might be regretting his decision, just like Rocky predicted. This is a terrible thing for the Crimson Dragon Army. Maybe..." Suddenly, something occurred to Sabina.

"Maybe what?" Marin's curiosity was piqued.

Sabina shook her head. "Nothing. Please message as soon as Isis wakes up." Sabina wanted to know the truth as well.

Marin wanted to ask more, but decided against it. She summoned Verdanim and left.

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