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   Chapter 492 Call Me Captain

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Rocky walked out of Louis's tent and proceeded towards the beast farm of the logistics camp. When he arrived at the beast farm, he observed that the whole farm was filled with all kind of articles, almost like a dustbin. All round it was a mess and he could also hear fitful howl coming from inside.

"It's unbelievable to see the beast farm left over like this…" Rocky frowned with discontent. He walked into the stable and there was a strong odor of the spirit-manipulated beasts' excrement. It was obvious that no one had ever cleaned it.

About twenty to thirty injured spirit-manipulated beasts were crowded in the stable. Their gaunt and fleshless appearance proved that they hadn't eaten for days. It was evident that they were abused heavily.

Rocky gazed with coldness for a while. Then, he walked out of the stable and stopped at the door. He looked at the articles lying outside and then burned them off into ashes by unleashing several Evil Flames towards them. He didn't bother whether those articles were of any use or not, but just wanted to empty some space outside.

Then he walked into the stable and led all the spirit-manipulated beasts into the space outside. He called in Uriah and Rubygon and instructed them to watch over those beasts. Then, from the ditch beside, he fetched several buckets of water and washed the stable thoroughly. After washing, he splashed the ashes of the burned articles over the whole stable in order to absorb the odor.

Then Rocky walked outside the stable and asked Uriah and Rubygon to help him in cleaning the spirit-manipulated beasts. After that, they checked the wounds of those beasts and rearranged them into different stables. The rearrangement was done according to the condition of their injuries as this would help in treating them in order.

It was almost dusk as they finished all their work. The afterglow of the sunset scattered on the open space outside the stable.

Just then, two beautiful figures, quite charming against the light, approached towards Rocky.

They were Marin and Sabina.

As Ro

ief wakes up. What I had done may not be right. But in that situation, I had no other option." Rocky said to the two women. The look on his face revealed the seriousness of his words.

The two women were stunned upon hearing Rocky's words. They didn't fully understand the depth of his words, but when they came back to their senses, he had already gone.

After a while, Rocky went back to Louis's tent.

"Commander Bai…" As soon as Louis saw Rocky, he saluted with respect.

"I'm not a commander anymore. I'm just a breeder. Therefore, just call me by my name," Rocky replied while folding his arms across his chest.

"I don't think it's proper." Louis knew that irrespective of whatever he was informed, Rocky was somebody who made great contributions to the Crimson Dragon Army. Although, he was unaware about the reason for Rocky's return to the logistics camp, he felt that Rocky would definitely stay there for a short time and would probably go back to the front line to fight soon.

"Then call me whatever you like except Commander," Rocky said, with raised eyebrows.

"Then we should call you Captain Rocky," Louis answered after thinking for a while.

Rocky shrugged with no objection.

"Captain Rocky, you came back just in time. Actually, I'm really troubled with the order from the Commander in Chief," At this moment, Louis arched his hand and said.

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