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   Chapter 490 To Protect Rocky

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At the same time, the spiritual power around Rocky surged sharply. Spiritual power in interlacing black and red colors enveloped his body like raging flames, increasing his might.

Lance was also shocked when he saw the color of Rocky's spiritual power. He had never seen this kind of spiritual power before. It was different from any other type of spiritual power—it was suffused with Fire.

"You are a royal spirit manipulator?" Lance asked. Astonishment was etched on his face. Although he didn't see the Dragon Spirit Mark on Rocky's arm, his cultivation stage allowed him to perceive that Rocky was a royal spirit manipulator.

Rocky raised his eyebrows and sneered, "Whether I am or not, does it matter? Now that Commander in Chief wants to kill me, he shouldn't ask too many questions."

"Young man, you're already at death's door, but you still have your nose in the air…" Lance was quite riled by Rocky's arrogance. Had Rocky begged or explained to him humbly, he might've hesitated. But Rocky's attitude was still so full of defiance and thus his anger burned even fiercer.

Lance's stare towards Rocky sharpened. The strong spiritual power his body emitted suddenly shrouded the whole tent. This made Rocky, Marin, and Sabina feel much more pressured.

Marin knew that Lance wanted to kill Rocky and that it was already too late to stop him now. She, however, didn't want to kill Rocky. She thought that it wouldn't be too late to make a decision after her cousin woke up. Moreover, Rocky hadn't given them any explanation. It was as if he was faced with some hard problems he couldn't tell others. Therefore, it was a little hard for her to judge his crime only by those two letters.

But once Lance made up his mind, no one could change it.

At this moment, Lance made a slight move, and in the next second, he already stood before Rocky. This scene didn't scare Rocky in the slightest. Even though he knew he wasn't a match for Lance, he wouldn't sit still and wait

happened between him and Isis. Only when she wakes up can we know all the truth."

"In addition, judging from the injuries on Silver Wind, it is obvious that it had a fierce battle with some kind of masters. In other words, something else might have happened before we met Rocky and Isis, and it was what caused Silver Wind to be seriously injured." After a pause, Sabina made a bold guess.

Lance thought that what Sabina said made sense. He was impulsive just now, but he still thought that Rocky was to blame for what had happened to his daughter.

"For the sake of you and your master, I will spare his life for the time being. Though he can be spared from death, he still has to be punished! Now, I am announcing the cancelation of Rocky's duty as an Elite Commander. He is to be relegated to the logistics camp as a breeder, effective immediately. Furthermore, Commander Marin, from now on, you should keep watch on Rocky. He cannot leave the logistics camp even for half a step. He won't be convicted until Isis wakes up and we know the truth," Lance ordered grudgingly, all the while glaring at Rocky.

"Going back to the logistics camp? That's great… However, you'll definitely regret this!" Upon hearing what Lance said, Rocky sneered and cast a playful look at him. When he spoke, however, his tone sounded firm.

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