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   Chapter 487 The Philter Powder Aftermath

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"Commander in Chief, he was right. Once Isis wakes up, there's ample time to discuss it. Thanks god, she's fine. If Rocky has wronged her, it won't end well for him."

Sabina directed her furious, ice-cold gaze towards Rocky.

Hearing this, Lance released Rocky from his grip. "Take care of her," he said as he turned to Marin and Sabina. After voicing out his order, pure, boiling anger shot out from deep within his heart. He waved his sleeves as he came out of the cave. Isis was used to be a proud person. But this time, he found her lying on the rocky ground, nearly naked. No one who dared to hurt her would be spared from his wrath.

Seeing this, Rocky took Uriah and Rubygon into his Magic Spiritual Space.

Seeing Rocky open the Magic Spiritual Space with such ease baffled Lance.

"How did you break into the Heavenly Stage so quickly?

You've only been gone from camp for a few days!" asked Lance. 'If he didn't have any treasure to help him in cultivation, he certainly took the time to become a genius!' thought Lance.

"It didn't take that long, to be honest," Rocky answered. With nothing to hide, Rocky replied casually.

Lance couldn't help glancing at Rocky. He knew that Rocky was just at the eighth grade of the Earthly Stage.

In a short period, he advanced from that level to the Heavenly Stage. Lance couldn't help but be amazed at his progress.

Then Lance wondered, 'How long has Rocky been hiding his strength?

It's unbelievable!'

Within the cave, an exhausted Isis was in a deep slumber. Marin and Sabina didn't intend to wake her up. They quickly snatched up the clothes on the ground and proceeded to help her get changed.

Upon lifting Isis' clothes, they noticed something on her inner thighs. It was a dark red bloodstain.

An enraged Marin rushed out of the cave.

As they were about to wrap up their conversation, Rocky and Lance overheard Marin screaming angrily from behind, "Rocky, you bastard!"

Turning on his heel, Rocky was met with a harsh slap across the face from Marin. He didn't respond, for he knew it was what he deserved.

"What happened to Isis, Marin?" Lance frowned at Marin's sudden yet violent mood swing.

"Isis has been... has been... sleeping with him." Marin stared at Rocky like a ferocious dog—baring and gnashing its teeth.

Anyone who saw the rage in her eyes wouldn't be surprised if she killed Rocky right then and there.

Even with the few words that Marin shouted, Lance clearly knew what she implied. Lance's expression changed.

The now irate Commander in Chief's face was distorted in anger. Without warning, he swung his palms and out came a huge wave of spiritual power that was ready to strike Rocky down.

Instantly, he came up with a thousand ways to torture Rocky for taking advantage of Isis.

Likewise, Rocky's expression changed as he immediately gathered his own spi

care of an old experienced military doctor, her tent was guarded by Lance, Marin, and Sabina.

The doctor was quite familiar with Isis' normal health conditions since he often treated her.

Upon completing his examination, he stood up with a strange look on his face.

"How is she, doctor?" Lance quickly asked the doctor.

"Her pulse is quite odd. It appears she has been aroused by a lust inducing poison.

Moreover, the poison has hindered her spiritual power's circulation and blocked her meridians. Even with its release, the fire of lust has left her gravely injured.

She'll wake up in around two to three days and will need even more time to heal.

Don't worry too much, Commander in Chief. She'll be fine." The doctor saluted them before explaining the situation.

"She's been poisoned?" They were all confused. Who would poison Isis? She was always cautious of those she surrounded herself with.

However, they had yet to know the truth.

"Did Rocky poison and take advantage of her?" Lance asked himself and wondered.

"Rocky had no valid reason to do such a thing. It's more likely the siege is to blame for the Silver Wind's injury. Rocky couldn't hurt Silver Wind like that by himself.

Its wounds were caused by the spiritual power from different sects," Sabina confirmed. Aside from Silver Wind's wounds, Sabina was also concerned about Rocky's silence. It was all so complicated.

If Rocky had anything to hide or did something wrong, he would've tried to escape. But he didn't. He came back to the camp with them instead.

"But why was he in the Mount Clouds? And…" Lance failed to finish his next sentence.

He trembled in anger and shouted, "I have to deal with Rocky right now.

Otherwise, all of our reputations will be ruined if this news spreads." He left the tent swiftly.

Marin and Sabina looked at each other and knew for certain that Rocky was in deep trouble.

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