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   Chapter 482 I Want to See the Princess

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 10086

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As the short man drew closer, a sinister smile had spread across Rocky's face. He waved the Frozen Wind Dagger and then instantaneously the strong wind began rolling up.

At the next moment, Rocky who was fearless as always, confronted the wolf shadow rushing towards him. The ferocious wolf shadow approached him in a flash. It was so fast that, for a moment it seemed that Rocky had no opportunity to hide.

"Bastard! Go to hell!" The man shouted at Rocky and then prepared for using his deadliest skill — the Wolf-slaying Palm. He then punched out another wolf shadow towards Rocky. He had been practicing this skill for quite a while and he was confident that this would maul Rocky heavily. The wolf shadow moved fast and caught up with the former one. They were racing together and bridling towards Rocky.

In the twinkling of an eye, the two wolf shadows appeared in front of Rocky. But he didn't make the slightest of a move. It seemed that he didn't get enough time to figure out a strategy to deal with the dangerous onslaught.

"Look out! Move, Rocky!" Isis shouted at the top of her voice. Seeing this, Isis couldn't help but scream, as her heart began to pound faster and faster. But Rocky didn't have time to respond to her. However, Isis was shocked by what she had just spoken out. She wasn't sure about why all of a sudden she was worried about Rocky. This guy was obviously arrogant, rogue and despicable. He was clearly an annoying guy. She had even thought about beating him down one day in order to make him more humbled and disciplined. However, when she saw that Rocky was in danger, she couldn't help feeling nervous. This was not usual for her.

But the situation took a quick reverse. As the ferocious wolf shadows pounced on Rocky, the spiritual light suddenly brightened and it instantly shrouded Rocky, submerging him into it. Isis was so nervous seeing this that she didn't utter a single word which would divert his attention. She was just biting her lips tightly and staring at the spiritual light, hoping that Rocky would come out of it safely.

"Well, let me see how you are going to escape this time!" the man said with a smirk. The man was pretty confident that it was impossible for Rocky to escape from the attack.

But the situation had indeed reversed! All of a sudden, a weird figure surrounded by black and red spiritual power staggered out of the flame light. His spiritual power was burning with black and red flames. It was Rocky! He walked out in a casual manner with a mysterious smile on his indifferent face. Isis felt a surge of relief when she saw him. She was also very surprised to see him out in such a short time.

On the sight of this unbelievable scene, several spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage, including the short man were shocked. No one had expected that Rocky would be able to walk out so quickly and safely. This was something beyond the reach of an ordinary spirit manipulator.

As all the people present were stunned upon seei

age. It wouldn't be a problem for her to fight with three of them at the same time. Besides, it was also obvious that they didn't have any advantage since Rocky was there by her side to help her.

So they were forced to wait outside the formations. However, they kept a close watch upon Rocky and Isis, just in case they made an attempt to escape from the Evil-trapping Formations.

"Well, it seems we are left with no other choice but to wait." Noticing that the spirit manipulators neither moved themselves nor were trying to call the Princess, Rocky turned towards Isis and said.

"Wait for what? Do you want to continue waiting until they would kill us eventually or take us as their hostages?" Isis was still a little angry due to Rocky's rashness. So she immediately gave a cold word and sneered.

Rocky gave her a glance, curled up his lips but didn't say a word. Then he went to Silver Wind, found a comfortable place and sat down against it. He stretched his body as if he wanted to lie down and have a good sleep there.

Isis went back to Silver Wind too. She glanced at Rocky in an angry way and sat on the ground with her legs crossed, closing her eyes for rest. She needed to be prepared for the coming fight.

But a moment later, she couldn't help opening her eyes and looked at Rocky. "Where have you been for the past half month? We didn't have any clue about you. If you had sent a message to us, I would not have gotten trapped here!"

"Was it because the Timber Deity Empire used my whereabouts to lure you into here?" Rocky asked with frozen eyes.

Isis nodded without saying a word. She was so annoyed at being cheated.

"It must be the work of a betrayer who had sent you the false news. He lured you into this formation, and then sent me with another message to let me take the bait! It seems that the traitor knows us very well. He should be the one who had often contacted us during this period. Is it…" After thinking for a while, Rocky gathered up all the threads.

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