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   Chapter 481 Come For You

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7965

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"What a powerful array!" Rocky shouted out in surprise, as he scratched his head to find a solution.

"Well, the dagger in his hand looks familiar and I'm sure that I've seen it somewhere before. It must be a spiritual weapon. But this kind of spiritual weapon is extremely rare. Where did he get it from?" Isis murmured as she noticed the Frozen Wind Dagger in Rocky's hand. But she was unaware about why it looked quite familiar to her. At the same time, she was also surprised at the fact that Rocky was actually strong enough to own a spiritual weapon.

By this time, several masters of the Heavenly Stage had found out where Rocky was. They surrounded him from all directions, sealing off his escape route.

As those men were getting closer, Rocky retreated to a wooden pillar. Upon reaching the wooden pillar, with her eyes fixed on those men, Isis blamed Rocky, "You shouldn't have come here. This is one stupid decision of yours!"

"Hey, I'm here for you. Why don't you say something nice?" Rocky replied with raised eyebrows, content to see her annoying face, which was always adorable to him.

"Who wants you to save me? I don't need your help, and I hate to see you. You'd better disappear from here right away..." Isis replied like a spoiled child. Though she insisted stubbornly that she hated him, she was also worried about Rocky falling into the hands of the Timber Deity Empire.

"Right, I know we both are trying for a way to escape from here, but now, do you think we have the chance to escape?" Despite the covetous eyes falling on them, Rocky talked calmly as if they were chatting after a good dinner under the moonlight.

Isis sighed repeatedly after sweeping her eyes across the masters around them. Each of them were stronger than Rocky, and it was impossible for them to escape that easily. Even if they were to try, using all their might, there wasn't even a slim chance.

"As I said, you shouldn't have come here. It's a trap. You should have guessed it before you came..." Isis couldn't help but reproach him in a low voice.

"I can't help. I can't help but I came here as soon as I know you're trapped. I need to do something," Rocky sighed too. Before even starting his journey to the mountain, Rocky had already thought of this possibility. But he decided to come here anyway, as he could never stand aside, when Isis was in danger

o time.

Rocky after taking a small step back, waved the dagger in his hand. Threads of Evil Flame rose and formed a curtain of swords in front of him. After the spiritual column rushed up to the curtain, it immediately intertwined with the Evil Flame, as if two fierce beasts were biting each other.

Of course, the Evil Flame was better, and it quickly swallowed the spiritual column.

"How is that possible?" The short man stared at him in disbelief as he saw Rocky breaking his two martial arts skills.

The rest of the masters were also looking towards each other in dismay. They couldn't understand why Rocky was able to fight easily against the spiritual martial arts of the Heavenly Stage. He seemed absolutely impeccable.

At the same time, they had also noticed the Frozen Wind Dagger in Rocky's hand. It was a very rare spiritual weapon. Consequently, they attributed his success to the performance of the dagger.

On the other hand, Isis was still in shock seeing Rocky defeating the two strokes from the short man. Then she began to analyze the whole situation. Even though he had reached the first grade of the Heavenly Stage, he must have achieved it recently. Thus, it was unlikely for him to be stronger than the short man.

Obviously, the short man couldn't accept the truth. He changed into a shadow and rushed towards Rocky, who was standing unmoved.

As the short man reached closer, he swung another punch at Rocky. His plan was to take Rocky by surprise. To make it better, he used his utmost strength in that punch, which sounded like a thunder.

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