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   Chapter 480 It's A Trap

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After successfully leading the four beasts to the edge of the Myriad Beasts Ground, Rocky paused to consider his next steps. He knew that his power had reached the third grade of the Heavenly Stage, and he had reached his goal of coming to Myriad Beasts Ground.

He thought of the Crimson Dragon Army, but they had been quiet and had indicated no threats or issues. Wanting to do something productive with his time, he decided to continue his cultivation in the Myriad Beasts Ground. He also took his time to scavenge for rare treasures and Beast Spiritual Pills.

'I wonder if Cherry is nearby, ' Rocky thought to himself. Rocky had spent every day thinking about the girl who saved him from his fall from the cliff. He was aware that he was starting to feel something for her. It was as if there was a thread that connected them together.

What Rocky did not know was that Cherry did more than just rescue him from the fall; she also fed him spiritual soul that restrained the evil spiritual power in his body. That way, his second life came from the spiritual soul. This soul was what gave Rocky the impression that he could sense Cherry, like she was with him all the time.

Rocky's deep thoughts were interrupted by a tiny beast that flew directly over him and landed on his shoulder with a howl.

"Perhaps this is the news I've been waiting for from the Crimson Dragon Army," Rocky said with amusement in his voice. Rocky smiled at the sight of a letter under the feet of the Carrier Beast. It looked like it was a letter from the Crimson Dragon Army. Rocky assumed it was merely asking for his help as they must had encountered a crisis. However, the first line of the letter shocked Rocky.

"Isis' army is trapped in Mount Clouds." Rocky read the first line multiple times. The letter reassured him that troops from the Crimson Dragon Army were on their way to Mount Clouds. However, Rocky knew that it was still best if he could go there himself.

Interestingly, the letter ha

d rescue her, he might have a chance to win those masters with her help.

At the thought of this, he turned into a light and flew towards three different directions.

Instantly, the Heavenly Stage masters also scattered in all directions.

In an attempt to confuse them, Rocky went back to where he started and then disappeared. Before the masters could react, Rocky flew towards the totem wooden pillar, pulled out a Frozen Wind Dagger and turned it into a Flaming Blade. All of a sudden, his body was black and red all around, and he looked sinister.

Finally, Isis woke up. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw a figure with a strange glow sped towards her. She was shocked to realize something unavoidable was happening

"Rocky," she shouted, "why are you here?" Isis panicked. "This is a trap!" she warned. She let out a loud scream.

Her scream stunned Rocky but he was able to regain composure easily. Suddenly, the Flaming Blade burst into flames.

Rocky threw the Evil Flame towards one wooden pillar. It turned into a moon-shaped knife and pierced the pillar upon contact.

It merely broke through the pillar. "This is useless," Isis said in frustration. Isis was panicked. She knew Rocky was trying to save her.

However, an electric light came up from the collision and swallowed the Evil Flame.

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