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   Chapter 477 Give You A Warning!

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The overloading problem of Rocky's evil spiritual power was resolved due to the existence of the light soul. It acted like a container which was separated from the outside world, letting the overloaded part of evil spiritual power not directly affect his body but rather allowing it to circulate normally in his body. To his surprise, the light soul had the ability to withstand and resist the evil spiritual power.

Of course the light soul definitely had a source. After Rocky thought for a while, the butterfly woman came to his mind. When he had waked up, the butterfly woman had kissed him. Rocky was convinced that, the butterfly woman in fact had done something mischievous to his body while she kissed him.

Besides, the butterfly woman was very mysterious as well as powerful. She had the ability to freely come and go in the dangerous Myriad Beasts Ground without anyone's notice. So, who could she be?

Her sudden appearance out of nowhere and taking initiative in saving Rocky also added to the mystery. If the first time was a coincidence, while the second time was another, it would be too farfetched.

Rocky was deeply confused with the unexpected appearance of the light soul as well as the identity of the butterfly woman, which also made him distracted from cultivation.

It was hard for Rocky to even imagine that the butterfly woman was in fact a spiritual race, something that appeared only in the legends. Indeed, Rocky was lucky for two obvious reasons. Firstly, he was able to meet such a legendary figure, not once, but twice and secondly, his life was saved by her.

Just as Rocky opened his eyes, he could see a butterfly figure standing beside the fire. Her hand was twirling in the flame. To his surprise, the flame was actually twirling following the hand and then it sparked like fireworks!

"Look out! You may get burnt..." As he saw the butterfly appearing out of nowhere, Rocky though stunned initially, then said with a serious look.

She was the butterfly woman.

On hearing Rocky's voice, the butterfly woman looked up at Rocky with her bright eyes, moved backwards, and then disappeared into darkness.

"Is she playing hide-and-seek with me? One moment she appeared and the next she disappeared. Oh, so she ha

er. They moved towards the butterfly figure, just like loyal servants, with awe in their eyes.

The figure was none other than Cherry!

Cherry stroked the two beasts and then looked up at Rocky who was walking towards her.

The four beasts screamed in excitement as soon as they saw Rocky and rushed towards him.

"It's hard for you." Upon seeing Uriah and Rubygon covered with many scars, Rocky felt a little guilty thinking about the strong enemies they had encountered along the way.

"Thanks for your help." Rocky then looked up at Cherry and said gratefully. Although he didn't know the purpose of Cherry protecting him, he knew without her assistance he could not have met his four beasts once again. She was basically his great benefactor.

"Here... It's dangerous. Get out of here right now..." Then she winked her eyes and said with minimal expression. She flapped her wings, getting ready to leave.

"Cherry, wait!" Rocky called out her suddenly.

Then, Cherry turned to look at him.

Rocky after taking out a bottle of magical saliva from the silk bag said, "This is your two favors for saving my life..." After finishing his words, he cast the magical saliva to Cherry.

Meanwhile, Cherry raised her hand and then the magical saliva flew into her hand like being supported by the wind.

"Be careful with the power in your body. If you can't control it, you may fall into a situation which is beyond redemption..." After saying that, she turned into a light and disappeared.

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