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   Chapter 474 Alyssa Set Traps to Mislead the Enemy (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5997

Updated: 2020-03-02 02:22

Half a month ago, Isis had pretended to attack the Dead Silence Mount according to Rocky's plan of action. It had pushed the Timber Deity Empire's main force to stop their plan to attack the Crimson Dragon Army front-line, which was considered a brilliant combination of tactics and action. Consequently, Isis ordered all of the troops to come to guard and defend the Dead Silence Mount.

Isis then commanded the main force to retreat from the Dead Silence Mount while the Timber Deity Empire's army withdrew to their main camp. She then made a detour to occupy the Nine Grottoes which made the camp's dangerous situation safer.

However they found that the Timber Deity Empire's main army did something astonishing after they returned to guard the Dead Silence Mount, —they gathered the guards in the Dead Silence Mount, left the mountain as soon as they arrived there and gathered all their forces in the Deity Unicorn Valley.

As soon as the Timber Deity Empire's army stepped out of the Dead Silence Mount, Lance took advantage of this and ordered his army to occupy the said place immediately.

Nevertheless, it seemed that the tables had been turned for now, and only the Deity Unicorn Valley remained in control of the Timber Deity Empire. With this being said, it relieved the Crimson Dragon Army that had been in the long-range raid for so many days.

Ever since they took back the Hippo Land, the Crimson Dragon Army had already regained their rations and forage supply. Soon, Lance had a build-up of troops that comprised about thirty thousand soldiers. These soldiers, on the other hand, would be led by Isis who was planning to the win the Deity Unicorn Valley back without any failure. She inclined to launch the attack as soon as possible so that their enemy would not

ays, there was not even a single flaw that we could take advantage of..." said one Elite Commander, in a worried voice.

"Yes, and where did the Timber Deity Empire get the ten Huge-horned Rhinoceroses? They were extremely precious, and yet the Timber Deity Empire actually had ten! So many soldiers were killed by those beasts!" another commander agreed with him.

"With our troops at the present, our chances of winning are so far not very high. If the Commander in Chief can send more troops to help us, we will be able to pierce through their defense line."

The commanders talked to each other as they waited for Isis' idea.

"If only Commander Rocky were here, then he may come up with an idea to deal with the enemies." Dunn suddenly voiced out his mind.

Upon hearing what he had just said, all the commanders immediately looked towards Dunn, and so did Isis. All of them became silent as they were not able to utter a single word.

As soon as Isis heard Dunn mentioning Rocky, her face turned red in anger. With a cold expression on her face, she looked around the commanders and said domineeringly, "Do you all agree that only Rocky can find a way to deal with the enemy?"

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