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   Chapter 473 Fainted

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8193

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At this moment, Rocky had already reached the third grade of the Heavenly Stage. The furious evil spiritual power was rushing through his body. He kept on staring at the Four-wing Lame Dragon at the fourth grade of four-star which was flying up slowly. Rocky was worried about the dragon launching an attack while he was in bad state. So, every move of the Four-wing Lame Dragon mattered and could even result in making him die in the battle.

However, to his surprise, the Four-wing Lame Dragon did not linger there. It turned around and flew away after staring at Rocky for a while.

Seeing this, though Rocky was confused, he sensed it was his best chance. Now, he was getting time to deal with his own problem. But he did not realize that the evil spiritual power had already spread out of his body and had become stronger and denser than ever before. It seemed, even the Four-wing Lame Dragon was afraid of this evil spiritual power. Otherwise it would never have flown away without hesitation.

In fact, with Rocky's current strength, it seemed impossible for him to crack the second layer of seal. Neither his body nor his meridians was in a position to withstand the evil spiritual power suppressed by the second layer of seal.

But now, in order to yield stronger power, Rocky was willing to take risks and break through the second layer of seal, and thereby forcibly increasing his strength and breaking through to the third grade of the Heavenly Stage. But, the critical problem here was addressing the evil spiritual power in his already overburdened body.

Rocky was already in serious pain and hurt due to his breaking through into the third grade. He was not at all in a position to upgrade to the higher grade. In the case of inability to move into the higher grade, his body would not be in a position to accommodate the excessive evil spiritual power.

Rocky's body was like a water tank filled to its maximum capacity. Any extra water dropping into it would result in continuous outflow. However, once the second layer of seal was released, it would also release a portion of the Holy Dragon Bead's power. As a result, his body would not be able to withstand the energy that had been sealed.

But here, his body was more like a water tank placed under a giant waterfall. Even if he were to temporarily release all the evil power out from his body, it would soon get filled back to the brink, as the tank was too small.

other hand, Rocky was feeling a strong sense of weightlessness. He was feeling dizzy while falling down. All he could do was to hold his dagger tightly. It was his best companion. He had so much trust upon it that he never wanted to lose it, not even in the extreme case of his death.

'It seems I'm not so lucky this time, ' thought Rocky. Rocky stretched his whole body, and his eyes constantly reflected the view of the regress. He was getting further and further away from the sky, and, was closer and closer to death.

At that moment, some beautiful faces were coming to his memory. First, it was Lena, then followed by Marcia, Marin, Isis, Sabina, Mia, and Laney...

He suddenly came to this world. It turned out that he was fortunate in love affairs after he possessed the body of the good-for-nothing prince. He had met so many beautiful women with varying characteristics and beauty. It seemed that he didn't have many regrets in his short but vivid life.

However, all people had some grudges more or less, so did Rocky. He still had not been completely relieved from his guilt for Lena and his hatred for Alston. But it didn't matter how grudging he was, God was not giving him a second chance. He was going to die anyway.

Unless or otherwise there was a miracle!

Suddenly, a bright light gleamed upon Rocky and he saw a delicate butterfly appearing in front of him. The wings of the butterfly were glittering in the sunlight. A delicate fragrance came towards him.

However, as soon as the butterfly shadow was getting closer to him, Rocky reverted back to his senses, but then got fainted in an instant.

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