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   Chapter 471 Extreme Danger

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7764

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The situation was such that Rocky was left with no option. It was impossible for him to kill the three baby Four-wing Lame Dragons right away. Their mother had just flown away and if it perceived its babies were being attacked, it would turn back into the nest immediately. More importantly, this was the habitat of the Four-wing Lame Dragons. Once if he were to daringly create a bloodbath here, he was very likely to meet the siege of those Four-wing Lame Dragons.

Being trapped in such a situation, Rocky knew that he had to resort to some alternative tactics. With that thought, he took out the bottle of magical saliva from his silk bag, and then, opened and threw it towards one side of the lair. The unique fragrance of the magical saliva immediately grasped the attention of those three Four-wing Lame Dragons. They were attracted to its smell and then they ran towards it all at once.

It pained Rocky to sacrifice a bottle of the magical saliva, but here, his life was of prime importance. As soon as the three Four-wing Lame Dragons moved away, he grasped that opportunity and jumped upon the lair. But, unfortunately, he found out that the lair was at least dozens of meters high above the ground. If he jumped out of the lair without any protection, it may result in breaking of his arms and legs or in the worst case could even result in his death.

Rocky immediately raised his head and looked at the bough connecting to the lair. It was as thick as a pillar, directly joining with its giant trunk. The trunk was tough and big, and straightly stretched down to root firmly in the ground. Evidently, the trunk was the only access for him to reach the ground.

However, the Four-wing Lame Dragons were present in the vicinity, and there was a possibility of him getting found once he showed up.

Rocky turned around his head and observed the surroundings. It was very clear in his mind that he had to fight his way out from here!

With all those thoughts in the back of his mind, without any hesitation, Rocky boldly jumped out of the lair and landed on the trunk. However, the trunk was round and was not wider than a bridge. The experience of walking on it was equal to walking on a single-log bridge.

At that moment, a gust of strong wind blew and with a tremble, Rocky was almost blown out

Frozen Wind Dagger and infused spiritual power into it. The blade of the dagger extended in an arc shape, and then formed into a Flaming Blade.

However, avoiding to make things worse, Rocky took the initiative to fight against the dragons, and he prepared himself to fight to the death.

Upon getting close to the dragons, Rocky rushed suddenly towards his left and was successful in avoiding the dragon at the fourth grade of four-star level. Then, he stabbed the dragon at the third grade of the four-star level with a thunderously roaring Moon Blade of Evil Flame.

The Four-wing Lame Dragon at the third grade of four-star level dodged the attack sideways. Since Rocky had rich experience in fighting against his enemies now, he immediately seized the opportunity and rushed forward. The spiritual power all over his body was enhanced with the interlaced dark and red light. As the light was flickering, he crashed into the abdomen of the dragon at the third grade of four-star.

Being bumped, that dragon got inclined to its left with its wings getting rubbed off with several dead trees and then finally fell on to the ground.

As the saying goes, "Strike while the iron is hot", Rocky waved his Flaming blade of Frozen Wind Dagger and rushed towards the dragon. He wanted to take advantage of this moment and kill the Four-wing Lame Dragon at the third grade of four-star level.

However, at the same time, the other dragon shook out a few silver threads, which turned into streaks of silver radiance and came to entwine Rocky.

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