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   Chapter 469 Physical Cultivation

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Rocky approached the Four-wing Lame Dragon with his hands outstretched in the shape of a Tiger's teeth. The Four-wing Lame Dragon had three heads that allowed it to be on a wider lookout. Rocky reached out to aim at one of its heads. The Four-wing Lame Dragon was conditioned to attack its predators. And, surprised at Rocky's attack, it automatically assumed offense. It let out a loud growl at Rocky and prepared to swallow Rocky alive. Once it had gathered its momentum, its wings flapped strongly enough for the dusts and leaves to dance around it.

The strong winds attacked Rocky's face, the dust and fallen leaves blinding his eyes. Still, he forced against the winds and lurched forward to attack the Four-wing Lame Dragon. He knew better than to retreat. When the Four-wing Lame Dragon approached, Rocky quickly held down one of its short necks, and, in one quick but sharp movement, pulled the whole body of the dragon up.

The Four-wing Lame Dragon did not expect such strength to come from a little human. It stood awestruck until Rocky let out a loud shout and enabled a strong spiritual power. Instantly, the air Rocky touched turned into black smoke, then Rocky threw the dragon with full force.

The giant body of the Four-wing Lame Dragon flew in the air before it hit the ground with one loud thump. Dusts filled the air and slight vibrations could be felt from the ground because of sheer force. Slowly, it slid off the ground and clouds of dust formed above it, disrupting the birds quietly nested in the trees.

The Four-wing Lame Dragon let out a long enduring wail as if it was crying out for help.

Rocky stared at his achievement, obviously proud about his improved strength. Half a month ago Rocky could only take on a third grade spirit-manipulated beast at four-star level. Now, he found himself winning against a fourth grade spirit-manipulated beast at the four-star level. He knew that this was not something any other spirit manipulator, even at the Heavenly Stage, could do.

Rocky knew that his improvement was because of the rigorous training he had put himself through in the past half month. However, he also knew that a major factor to his new found strength was the magical saliva that was able to really tap into his potential. His body training only added to his growth.

Even before he began his training, he already felt changed by the magical saliva. He was aware that he was much better than other spirit manipulators, including the royal ones. After the training, he felt like he was able to tap into his body's full potential.

At first, Rocky was confused as to why he did not feel completely changed by the magical s

and aura signified that a spirit manipulator was improving in their strength. The range of the light grew as the spirit manipulator's strength grew. An outsider could sense a spirit manipulator's strength according to his aura. However, a spirit manipulator could only judge his own strength level based on the spiritual light emitting from his body.

Rocky had been noticing his spiritual light slowly changing in the recent days. He could also feel his improvement and could sense that he was so close to breaking through his ceiling. He was hopeful and positive, but unsure if he was indeed breaking into a higher level.

After what felt like a while, the Four-wing Lame Dragon's body started to stir. It turned over, slowly rose, and then bared its teeth at Rocky. Rocky could see the anger in its eyes. It was obviously unhappy with what Rocky did and was now preparing for revenge.

The dragon was getting ready to tear Rocky into pieces. Everyone knew that if a spirit-manipulated beast got angry, it could become even more violent. The best choice for a spirit manipulator in this situation would be to flee instead of fight. It was wisest to avoid its attack.

However, Rocky stood still ready to fight. His stance suggested arrogance, as if he was not fazed by the dragon's anger at all. It seemed as if fighting with the Four-wing Lame Dragon was a small feat for Rocky, a toy that Rocky played with. And should an owner be afraid of a toy? Rocky knew better.

The Four-wing Lame Dragon became even more irritated by Rocky's stance. With a new found motivation and hunger for vengeance, the Four-wing Lame Dragon shrieked. Suddenly, dozens of sharp silver threads appeared across the dragon's body, interlaced with each other, and rushed towards Rocky in full force.

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