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   Chapter 468 The Powerful Dragon

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6635

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Since the spiritual power got almost released out of his body, Rocky's meridians felt relaxed and he felt no discomfort in the practice. The circulation of the spiritual power was also smoother than before.

He was successful in restoring his spiritual power for a day and night. After fully recovering, Rocky left the tree hole along with the Rainbow Glow Unicorn and then continued to look for another opponent for the next morning.

This time, he met a Thunderous Diabolic Leopard, famous for its speed and it was also at the third grade of four-star level.

Rocky fought with his bare hands just like the day before. But unlike yesterday, he didn't attack. Instead, he let the Thunderous Diabolic Leopard constantly launch the offensive upon him.

The speed of the Thunderous Diabolic Leopard was almost as fast as the speed of sound, which meant its attack was impossible to get caught on human eye. In a flash, it pounced upon Rocky with its sharp claws. This resulted in several wounds on Rocky's body.

Although, he was not able to catch up with the speed of the Thunderous Diabolic Leopard, he was successful in dodging from many of its scathing attacks. He closed his eyes as it was useless against the pace of the Thunderous Diabolic Leopard, but in order to judge the direction of its attack, he strengthened his other senses like hearing, touching and perception of breath fluctuation.

In such tricky encounters with such a fierce spirit-manipulated beast, it didn't really make a difference between committing suicide and closing his eyes. But to be stronger, it was important for him to realize his full potential.

However, something weird was just happening. Every single time the Thunderous Diabolic Leopard had hurt Rocky, it didn't matter however small the wound was, he got wounds and blood all over his body within half an hour.

But this didn't stop him. He continued his fight again and again with the Thunderous Diabolic Leopard, judging an

ed up his sleeves for battle and motioned the four beasts to take rest and make room for him. Then he remained where he was and crooked his fingers at the Four-wing Lame Dragon defiantly.

On seeing Rocky infuriated and combat ready, the Four-wing Lame Dragon forced down from the air and pounced on him with shocking momentum.

Rocky stared at the Four-wing Lame Dragon with cold eyes. When the dragon pounced on him, Rocky dodged it in a second and got past it. At the same time, quickly grabbing one of the dragon's legs with his hand, he threw the dragon away with the help of his spiritual power.

Immediately, the Four-wing Lame Dragon collided with a big stone due to its inertia. With a loud bang, it fell onto the ground.

Upon seeing this thrilling move, the four beasts who were watching from aside cheered for Rocky.

The Four-wing Lame Dragon seemed to be a little dizzy due to the impact. It rose to its feet and shook its head violently. Staring at Rocky angrily, it gave a loud scream. Then, it flapped its wings, causing sand to billow into the air and towards Rocky.

Rocky split the sand wall apart with great force using the spiritual power in his arms. At the same time, he rushed towards the Four-wing Lame Dragon again.

Furious, the Four-wing Lame Dragon also charged towards Rocky.

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