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   Chapter 464 Stuck In A Dilemma

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7001

Updated: 2020-02-28 08:32

At this critical juncture, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn didn't run away as Rocky intended, but jumped in front of Rocky.

Suddenly the body of the Rainbow Glow Unicorn radiated an intense light with a riot of colors, which brightened the air. In the wake of the appearance of that bright light, Rocky felt as if time had suddenly come to a halt. He noticed that there was a small cloud of riotous light flashing in between the eyebrows of the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

Rocky subconsciously reached out his hand and then pressed on that cloud of riotous light.

At the next moment, a glitter broke out between him and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

Rocky felt a strong spate of spiritual energy rushing into his body and blending up with him. As he came back to earth, he found that his body became transparent and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn standing in front of him was also transparent, but its body shape was clearly visible to Rocky.

"Is it…" Rocky suddenly realized something was wrong and he looked quite shocked.

At that moment, the huge palm of the bear was just less than half a meter away from Rocky and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

Rocky looked determined as he suddenly released his power, holding the Frozen Wind Dagger in his left hand and the Dragon Spirit Mark emerging from his left arm. This turned into several dragon patterns which twirled around his arm. The whole arm was covered by a black light and an intense evil spiritual power shot out from it.

Subsequently, Rocky held his thick left arm above his head and then without batting an eye, he confronted the huge palm.


A resounding sound was produced which could be heard clearly from hundreds of miles away, startling the wild spirit-manipulated beasts in the neighborhood who then scattered in all directions in fear.

Within over ten meters around Rocky, a strong wave of sand was dashed by this move and surged upwards. The ground sank by about half a meter, leaving a huge crack.

Rocky's face turned pale as he resisted the huge palm of the irritated bear. He spat a little blood but mana

ith two drops of magical saliva before applying them on the injuries on Rubygon. Finally, he braced the injured forelimb with some twigs he had picked up on the way.

Compared to Rubygon, Uriah was injured more seriously. It had a fracture on several parts and there was a severe accumulation of blood in the tissues. There was also some damage to its spiritual source.

Taking a tiresome effort, Rocky immediately conducted a surgical operation for Uriah which lasted for four hours. Luckily, the operation successfully checked any aggravation in Uriah's injuries. However, Uriah was not combat-ready and was in need of a good rest to recover.

After curing Uriah and Rubygon, Rocky left the Magic Spiritual Space and found himself a spot to sit on. He started to treat the injury on his right shoulder while recalling the thrilling combat.

The encounter with the bear made him suffer a great loss. But he was lucky enough to survive. All thanks was to the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. If it weren't for it, the consequence would have been beyond imagination.

Uriah and Rubygon were injured. The Myriad Beasts Ground was a dangerous place. If Rocky stayed here any longer, he might have to encounter more dangers. But if he decided to leave, he would fail to accomplish the purpose of this journey.

Rocky was finding it hard to make a decision at the moment and was stuck in a dilemma.

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