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   Chapter 462 Fight Along

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Making a loud sound and crashing through the woods and grass along the way, the Furious Long-nosed Bear approached Rocky. The bear's giant body blocked off all the ways by which Rocky could flee from this grave danger.

Rocky now stood against the cliff, watching the beast rushing much closer to him. His face had fear written on it while he was trying to stay calm and maintain the ability to think and analyze. There was no way he could escape the beast easily. Left with no alternative, he opened the Magic Spiritual Space and called Uriah and Rubygon out. He meant to create an escape route out by force.

Fear had consumed Uriah and Rubygon. They were so tiny compared to the beast. The beast was truly their strongest opponent so far.

Even though Uriah and Rubygon looked afraid, they weren't the types that would step back and surrender. With Rocky's orders, they rushed out side by side towards the beast and quickly switched into the state of war.

The beast was even more furious when the two spirit-manipulated beasts rushed straight to it. Then it stamped its legs hard. The power was so huge that the ground cracked into pieces. The force was not limited. Instead, it spread around quickly and completely consumed the arena.

And the blast of the force was such that Uriah and Rubygon were forced back into their positions.

The situation had become pretty difficult for Rocky now. Without any hesitation, he pulled out the Frozen Wind Dagger and activated his spiritual power, turning the sword into a Flaming Blade. Now that he had nowhere to run away, he was left with no choice but to go all-out to fight with all his might if he wanted to survive. Now this was one rule to manage in dangerous places.

Rocky waved his sword with a quickening pace and created three Evil Flames.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Evil Flames turned into a Moon Blade and dashed towards the beast and exploded near it. The dust and stones were crashed and thrown into the air, covering most of its body.

"Did I succeed?" Rocky narrowed his eyes in doubt. The beast stopped all of its actions in an instant. He was curious about what was really happening.

Suddenly, a long and straight nose appeared through the dust. In a second, the nose swelled up a lit

ould strike. Rubygon just stood on its own feet when one strong leg came from the air.

"Rubygon!" The leg could hit Rubygon anytime and Rocky yelled out. He was worried and rushed forward waving Frozen Wind Dagger to protect Rubygon ignoring his own injured right shoulder. A one-meter high Evil Flame came flying to the lifting leg.


The bear was badly injured by Rocky's attack and the leg was pushed away from its direction but Rubygon was still in its attack range. So Rubygon got hit on its right forelimb. It shouted out in pain. And it couldn't support itself anymore and fell on its knee.

As for Uriah who had been kicked into the air now managed to stand on its feet and made an angry cry when it saw Rubygon severely hurt by the bear. Then, the fire on its body rose sharply due to the rage aroused by the beast. And Uriah looked like a beast born in fire. Its imposing demeanor was astonishing.

There was a loud sound when Uriah turned into a fire ball, barging into the bear quickly. Uriah decided to have a face-to-face encounter.

The bear was immediately lit to flames when Uriah came close to it. The fire flame was hugely devastating and the bear got hit by it severely.

But the bear's reaction was quick. It became even more furious and wrapped Uriah with its long nose and slammed it to the ground in a striking continuity. There were sparkles at every strike. Although Uriah was strong and firm, it couldn't withstand this impact.

It was also in a grave danger now.

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