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   Chapter 461 A Super Big Bear

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Uriah was his spirit-manipulated beast. So there was indeed a telepathic connection amongst them allowing them to know each other's thoughts. Uriah would not resist the entry of Rocky's spiritual consciousness. It was kind of different from the spiritual power connection with Rubygon. Rubygon was very uncomfortable when Rocky tried this kind of connection with it for the first time, and it subconsciously rejected Rocky's spiritual consciousness. Moreover, he and Uriah had already entered the state of Spirit Possession successfully several times. He clearly knew about the structure of Uriah's body and the location of its spiritual source. So, a lot of trouble was spared in invisibility.

But even with so much prior experience, Rocky was neither bold nor reckless. He decided to play it safe and build a spiritual power bridge towards the spiritual source of Uriah's body. The internal structure of each spirit-manipulated beast varied. Once after entering the spirit-manipulated beast's body, there were chances of some unknown situations probably occurring. Therefore, before initiating the connection, one must explore whether the passage towards the spiritual source was safe enough. On further confirmation, one would know regarding the obstacles and then could get prepared for them on time.

For example, in Rubygon's body, Rocky ran into an unpredictable situation and almost got lost beyond his redemption. Fortunately for him, at that critical moment, the evil spiritual power in his body came out and helped him. If that was not the case, the result would be something totally unimaginable.

Half an hour into the commencement of their spiritual power connection, Rocky withdrew his spiritual consciousness from Uriah. Sensing there was no clear and present danger, Rocky swayed and moved on with the four beasts.

For survival in the forest, it was of utmost importance to learn and observe the surrounding environment and also to watch out for the wild spirit-manipulated beasts. The paths adopted by the different wild spirit-manipulated beasts were hidden with a plethora of dangers. However, in some instances, these dangers could be utilized as a point of advantage.

For example, the one that had just crossed this route was a huge and strong wild spirit-manipulated beast. Generally, an ordinary wild spirit-manipulated beast would never dare to approach the route like this, indicating such a route was usually safer than others.

Further, as Rocky and the four beasts were advancing, he felt a sudden vibration along the ground. The vibr

the Furious Long-nosed Bear recognized Rocky's presence, it gave a sound of excitement, as if it had found its hunting prey.

When Rocky heard the cry of the Furious Long-nosed Bear, he knew that he was being targeted by the bear. He sneaked a sudden glance and saw the Furious Long-nosed Bear leaving the tree and charging towards him. At that spur of the moment, an idea flashed through his mind. Run!

Rocky boosted his spiritual power bursting out the Evil Flame on his feet. His whole body shot out rapidly like an arrow, evading the attack of its long nose.

Boom! The long nose landed exactly at the spot where Rocky stood making a hideous pit.

On seeing Rocky dodging its nose, the bear got raged up in anger. Then, it moved its stubby pillar-like lower limbs, swinging its hill-like shape to pursue Rocky. Its movement was quite rapid, covering several meters with a single step. It was closing in on Rocky in the blink of an eye.

Rocky felt a shadow behind him that came directly to attack him fiercely.

"Damn, I can't mess with you, but I can hide!" Rocky scolded. All of a sudden, he leapt straight up towards one of the great trees and then moved on from the trunk of one tree to another, jumping almost like an ape.

The bear that was following him was like a cutting machine. Entire rows of trees fell down as it was passing through. Still, it was not able to catch up with Rocky who was trying to evade by jumping between the trees like a flea.

Almost half an hour into the battle, Rocky suddenly realized that there were no more trees left in the vicinity. It was a dead end with endless cliffs. He almost froze for a while and thought, 'Oh damn! The heavens have abandoned me!'

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