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   Chapter 460 Treasure Hunting By The Grandmaster

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The Beast Spiritual Pill forming in the body of the spirit-manipulated beast would be transformed into spiritual crystal after the spirit-manipulated beast's death. The spiritual crystal had different levels based on star level of the spirit-manipulated beast along with the years that the Beast Spiritual Pill had been formed.

However, not all the spirit-manipulated beasts could create a Beast Spiritual Pill in its body after digesting the spiritual crystal or any other treasures. Generally, the higher the star level of the spirit-manipulated beast, the easier for it to form a Beast Spiritual Pill in its body. For example, a four-star spirit-manipulated beast would have higher rate to form a Beast Spiritual Pill in its body than a three-star one would.

Additionally, the longer a Beast Spiritual Pill had been formed, the better it got when transformed into a spiritual crystal. However, the spirit-manipulated beasts often had a long life. Some of them would have a life as long as the human beings and some of them would even have a longer one, with a life span of more than one hundred years. Under these circumstances, it was really hard to obtain a Beast Spiritual Pill of highest quality.

For instance, the Beast Spiritual Pill in Rocky's possession, according to its shape and size, should have been formed only several years ago. In that way, this one could be used to refine red spiritual crystal only.

In fact, obtaining a Beast Spiritual Pill was never easy. Rocky had killed at least one hundred spirit-manipulated beasts so far, but this was the first time he saw the Beast Spiritual Pill in person. There was also an additional reason for this. Rocky had earlier killed wild spirit-manipulated beasts with lower star level and even the third-grade wild spirit-manipulated beasts of three-star level had the ability of just about one percentage to form a Beast Spiritual Pill in its body. Also, Rocky had killed only a few spirit-manipulated beasts of four-star level. All these factors resulted in Rocky not getting a chance for seeing the Beast Spiritual Pill before.

"Hey you, the gobbling gluttons, come here." Rocky, after thinking for a while, called on to the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. Suddenly, there was a flash in his eyes momentarily as he got infused with some fresh ideas.

As Rocky was speaking, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn looked on to him and then walked slowly towards him. At the same time, Rocky took out the Beast Spiritual Pill and stated, "Look at it. Take your time to smell and keep it in your mind. If you could sense it in any other spirit-manipulated beasts' bodies in the future, then you have to remind me. Do you understand?"

After his speech, Rainbow Glow Unicorn then lowered

as in the forest beyond the edge. These included skills like telling how long ago a wild spirit-manipulated beast had left based on its footprint, how far had it walked, and even if it had been still around.

After walking for another hour, Rocky saw a line of bipedal footprints nearly half a meter wide in front of him. Based on these footprints, it seemed like something big had just passed by. The footprints also looked very new, so the one that had left them here shouldn't have gone far.

Thus, Rocky signaled the four beasts to stop right away. Then, with great dexterity, he climbed quickly upon to a red palm tree which was of seven to eight meters high. After looking around he perceived there was minimal danger. He then jumped down the tree and found a flat place to rest in.

Rocky was doing this for a reason. Since the wild spirit-manipulated beasts were often moody they changed a lot on their whereabouts. Right in the area where a wild spirit-manipulated beast had walked through, it was better off for Rocky and the four beasts not to rashly push forward. This was because, just in case if the wild spirit-manipulated beast turned back suddenly, then they could avoid running into it.

Rocky made full use of his time to give Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf the brain stimulation while they were taking rest. As it was about to enter its middle term of cub, this was the very phase for it to develop its brain and body. Therefore, in addition to giving it the brain stimulation, it was also necessary to practice its various capabilities.

After the brain stimulation, Rocky asked Rubygon to help Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf with some simple practices. Then, he initiated spiritual power connection with Uriah. Comparing the spiritual power connection with Rubygon, it was much easier to do so with Uriah for Rocky.

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