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   Chapter 458 The Paradise

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7098

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Even if Uriah was only a spiritual beast at the third grade of the three-star level, the creature already possessed outstanding skill and aptitude. It was so strong and forceful that it rivaled a master at the primary grade of the Heavenly Stage. And so Uriah was confident that a Bloody-eyed Wolf at the third grade of the three-star level would be an easy feat.

Rubygon was fuelled by a similar sense of confidence. It already reached the four-star level and it was now stronger than before. Rocky diligently used a spiritual crystal to hone its power thus it was easy for Rubygon to reach the third grade of the four-star level. Similar to Uriah, defeating the Bloody-eyed Wolf was as easy as a walk in the park for Rubygon.

As for Rocky, it took a lot of focus and energy from him to survive the fight. He squinted his eyes as he wielded the Frozen Wind Dagger, officially targeting the last two standing Bloody-eyed Wolves.

At the blink of an eye, a battle even fiercer than what just happened broke out.

It might seem like Bloody-eyed Wolves were intimidating creatures, yet the truth was they did not possess any special ability. It was quite easy to defeat them in comparison to a creature such as the Trunk Giant which was at the third grade of the four-star level.

What people did not realize about Bloody-eyed Wolves was that they were blood-thirsty. Once triggered, they entered a violent condition where they acted like mad dogs - and the only way to stop them from attacking was by beating them to death.

Quickly, Rocky came up with a strategy to finally defeat the Bloody-eyed Wolves.

Rocky summoned a trail of Evil Flame which transformed into a Moon Blade. He flung it towards the Bloody-eyed Wolves. As he kept one creature distracted, he yielded the blade thrice to the other Bloody-eyed Wolf.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Clouds of light and Evil Flames filled the air.

But the Bloody-eyed Wolf was faster than Rocky's three moves. It swiftly jumped to its side at the turn of Rocky's arm then quickly threw itself into Rocky, with its mouth open, ready to attack.

Rocky jumpe

Unicorn, Rocky found a narrow slit entry that could only fit the thin body of spirit-manipulated beasts such as the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

As they walked through the entry of the valley, Rocky started imagining what could be in the valley. The moment he stepped into it, he was surprised to see himself in paradise. Inside the valley, cherry trees flourished and petals danced with the wind. Butterflies happily circled the air, seemingly hopping around with the petals from the trees. Spirit-manipulated beasts, looking tame and meek, ran happily between trees.

"This is a surprise!" Rocky said, completely allured by his surroundings. "Who would've thought that a paradise exists within the Myriad Beasts Ground?" Rocky was mesmerized by his surroundings. Quickly, he felt no sense of danger any more. All he felt was peace and tranquility.

But Rocky's sense tingled, quickly pulling him back to reality. He knew that horrible dangers lurked in peaceful places. And so Rocky tried to remain quiet, hoping not to disturb the wild spirit-manipulated beasts.

The Rainbow Glow Unicorn made itself visible to the naked eye and caught Rocky's attention. It growled at Rocky then ran off between the cherry trees.

Rocky immediately followed its trail. Soon, he was led into a creek where a dilapidated house stood beside it.

'Someone lived here?' Rocky thought. Curious, Rocky walked towards the house.

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