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   Chapter 457 Master of Treasure Hunting

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As Rocky entered the Myriad Beasts Ground, his purpose for being there started to become even clearer. He did not embark on this journey simply for his growth or for him to arrive at the second grade of the Heavenly Stage. He also wanted to collect rare treasures. He knew that, while rare treasures wouldn't help him ascend evil spiritual power, it would help him increase Fire spiritual power. He experienced this a while back – his Fire spiritual power was able to reach the fifth grade of the Earthly Stage after he was able to refine an intermediate and a superior Dark Heaven Egg. However, he still had a long way to go before his Fire spiritual power reached the Heavenly Stage. Therefore, he was committed to promoting the Fire spiritual power to the Heavenly Stage to strengthen the power of the Evil Flame.

There were countless of rare treasures in the Wild Spirit Land, but all of them could be classified into four levels: primary level, medium level, premium level, and rare level. Among which, the Dark Heaven Egg could be classified within the primary level. Similarly, the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed and the Water Essence Pill – both previously obtained by Rocky – were also on the same level.

Rocky wasn't able to retrieve a lot of rare treasures. Only the spiritual power Ice Crystal which he acquired in the cave of the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf could be considered a rare treasure of significant value. It was one of the best among the primary level treasures. Unfortunately, the spiritual power Ice Crystal was only one year or so years old at the time of Rocky's retrieval from the cave. If it were any older, it would have been much more valuable.

Apart from that, Rocky also had the superior Dark Heaven Egg which was born from the Dark Heaven Insect – a creature with a body designed to create rare treasures. It was also considered as one of the best treasures in the primary level. On the other hand, the spirit-manipulated beasts like Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf and Three-tailed Aquatic Lizard just let rare treasures condense in their body. However, in fact, their inner spiritual power was not strong.

At that moment, the Ice Crystal had the same spiritual power as the superior Dark Heaven Egg Rocky had rec

considered to be at the third grade of the three-star level. If they were considered as a spirit manipulator, Rocky knew that they would have been as strong as one who was at the seventh grade of the Earthly Stage.

Rocky shivered at the memory of his last encounter with Bloody-eyed Wolves - an encounter wherein he almost lost his life. When he was attempting to rescue the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf, he found himself almost in the mouth of the Bloody-eyed Wolves. Fortunately for him, a strange-looking yet powerful woman came to his rescue. The woman possessed the physical features of human beings, yet something about her obviously made her seem beyond human. 'If she wasn't human, what was she?' Rocky wondered curiously.

So when Rocky found himself faced with four Bloody-eyed Wolves yet again, a familiar anger swelled inside him. He was fuelled with rage and so he quickly drew out the Frozen Wind Dagger and infused spiritual powers in it. In an instant, the Frozen Wind Dagger transformed into a Flaming Blade.

Uriah and Rubygon stood fiercely beside Rocky, ready to fight. Rainbow Glow Unicorn grabbed the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf to the back of the show and awaited for their cue to attack.

"Go!" Rocky signaled. Rocky slashed the Flaming Blade of Frozen Wind Dagger in his hand. For every move, a trail of smoke would follow the blade. Uriah and Rubygon lunged forward, each taking on one of the four Bloody-eyed Wolves. They attacked with their utmost power.

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