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   Chapter 452 A Bit Loose

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"Father, we'd better gather our forces and proceed to the front line to support the main camp. Now that the Hippo Land has been recaptured, we should be able to get other strategic strongholds back on the ground in short time…" Isis frowned and remarked.

"I'm afraid it's too late. The Nine Grottoes is only two days away from the main camp at the front. In addition to the Nine Grottoes, the nearest one to us is only the Hippo Land..." Lance was unaware of the fact that the main forces of the Timber Deity Empire would attack and occupy the Nine Grottoes, which was an important strategic place. In this scenario, the Timber Deity Empire had directly threatened the safety of the main camp in the front line.

"Commander in Chief, it just takes less than two days from the Hippo Land to the Nine Grottoes. If Rocky can lead his troops to attack the Nice Grottoes first, he may be able to hold back the main force of the Timber Deity Empire. That would give us time to get and gather our forces back..." At this instance, an Elite Commander gave wily advice.

"However Rocky had just been engaged in a battle with the Timber Deity Empire in the Hippo Land and I am afraid he is only left with a few thousand troops after that battle. If we ask him to attack the Nine Grottoes and confront the main forces of the Timber Deity Empire, I am afraid that he would face an extremely dangerous and deadly situation." Lance knew that it might be a solution, but at the same time, he was concerned. Since Rocky's army had just fought a battle and lost many soldiers, asking him to attack the Nine Grottoes without enough supporting forces would be a suicidal mission.

"Commander in Chief, this is an emergency. The most important thing at the moment is to buy us more time and to assure the safety of the main camp."

"Yes, or else the main camp will be attacked making us lose our edge and convert us into a passive force in this fight. Meanwhile, if the army of the Timber Deity Empire capture three more passes, it would pose a severe threat to us."

"Isn't Rocky strong and smart? He will surely be able to war

hence Rocky was able to foil her plans each time. If we don't utilize the service of Rocky, I am afraid we will surely lose the battle with the Timber Deity Empire!" Lance knew clearly that the situation was not ideal for the Crimson Dragon Army right now. And if it had not been for Rocky, the Crimson Dragon Group might have already lost three passes and been invaded, letting Timber Deity Empire enter the territory of the Holy Dragon Empire.

It could be precisely stated that Rocky was the masterstroke in the battle between the Timber Deity Empire and the Holy Dragon Empire. His existence was likely to determine the final victory.

That was the prime reason why Lance befriended Rocky and made him his Crimson Dragon General!

"I am worried if Rocky finds out that we are using him." Isis knew Rocky's importance, but she felt a turmoil. As she knew Rocky was the kind of guy who hated being taken advantage of and if he found out her father's intentions he would not let it go easily.

"Don't worry. I will do it appropriately. Right now, I want you to go to the Hippo Land and meet Rocky and inform him of the current situation. If you two fight together, I think you'll be able to hold off the main force of the Timber Deity Empire. As long as you two can engage them for two days, I'll bring back the forces of Nine Snakes Gorge..." Lance became serious, and his eyes flashed something shrewd.

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