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   Chapter 450 The Legend Of The Evil God

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6001

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The golden dragon growled fiercely as it coiled itself around Rocky without warning. Locked in its painful embrace, Rocky struggled desperately to break free. The more he resisted, the tighter the dragon's grip became. As the light emanated by the dragon glowed, the black air surrounding him began to disperse. The evil presence was waning.

Everyone present was shocked.

When Sabina noticed the evil presence all around Rocky was being crushed by the golden dragon, she hopped off of Duchess Silver's back and rushed towards Rocky in huge strides. Gathering all of her spiritual power in her palm, she smacked the golden dragon with all her might.

Suddenly, the golden dragon glistened with light which then penetrated Rocky's body. This caused the evil forces to retreat within the remaining eight layers of seal.

As the evil power that consumed Rocky began to recede, he found himself on the verge of fainting. Quickly noticing this, Sabina lunged forward and broke his fall with an embrace.

Sabina found herself irritated and her cheeks flush in embarrassment as Rocky leaned against her. She knew that pushing him away was impossible, so she had to curb her temper for the time being.

All the men found themselves jealous of the lucky Rocky.

"What do we do now, sir?" Liam turned his gaze to Woods.

Woods remained silent as he fixed his eyes on Rocky and Sabina.

A soldier arrived and announced, "The outer layer of the Magic Lotus Array has been breached! A huge army of Crimson Dragon Army soldiers is charging through at this moment!"

After a minute of careful thinking, Woods commanded, "Give them my order to retreat the entire army east out of Hippo Land." Rocky had broken the Magic Lotus Array. If they fought, the death toll would surely rise.

she muttered, "You should rest. I'll get you something to eat." Then she left.

As soon as she disappeared, Rocky's eyes were glazed over with darkness. Of course, he remembered what had happened. Especially when the evil power got the best of him—and that wasn't the first time. 'What did Sabina do that removed the evil from within me?' To answer that, he had to ask her when they were reunited.

As soon as he thought of that, Rocky left the camp with great haste. He was nowhere to be found when Marin returned with a bowl of gruel.

"Where did he go? This gruel took a while to simmer." She muttered to herself disappointingly. Her eyebrows were knitted together in frustration.

Meanwhile, people hurried in and out of the camping ground to clear the ground and repair the defenses. When Rocky appeared, they all stopped and paid him their respects with looks of gratitude etched on their faces.

The heroic story of Rocky facing the entire Timber Deity Empire army circulated within the army and impressed everyone.

And from then on, all those who had witnessed Rocky that day as he was possessed by the evil spirit and wielded his fearsome sword nicknamed him the Evil God.

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