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   Chapter 449 A Dreadful Scene

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8367

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Liam was sure that Rocky would die. However, he saw the thunder ball suddenly disappeared and was replaced by beams of black light that engulfed Rocky. Astonishment drew on Liam's face. He could not understand what was happening.

Meanwhile, Rocky was filled with extremely evil spiritual power. The seal Marcia had set for him was on the verge of collapsing. The evil spiritual power grew ceaselessly, spilled over from the seal and occupied his whole body.

Rocky slowly stood up, and black smoke emitted from his body from head to toe. His eyes turned into dark scarlet-colored. He looked like a devil. The Frozen Wind Dagger he held was wrapped by black air and became a black evil blade instead of a Flaming Blade.

Both armies from the Crimson Dragon Army and the Timber Deity Empire felt frightened when they saw how Rocky looked like. They didn't dare to look on his eyes because of fear.

Liam was also dumbfounded by the abnormal change that happened to Rocky. However, what frightened him the most was Rocky's aura because it became unpredictably strong.

The other two senior spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage came back to Liam's side. They looked at each other with a sense of astonishment when they saw Rocky covered with the black air.

"We can't let him live. Let's fight him together," Liam said. He was sure that he had to kill Rocky regardless of what happened to Rocky and how much strength he gained. Otherwise, there might be endless troubles for them in the future.

All of them rushed towards Rocky, who had fallen into evil. They relentlessly attacked him with a variety of martial arts and tried to beat him.

Rocky fixed his evil eyes on them. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a gust of black gas and disappeared slowly in the air. All three spiritual manipulators at the Heavenly Stage failed to beat him with their power.

They tried to locate where he was, and a black shadow that looked like a ghost appeared behind one of the three senior spirit manipulators. The evil blade in the shadow's hand attacked the senior spirit manipulator rapidly.

Both Liam and the other senior spirit manipulator quickly turned their heads when they heard him uttered a heartrending cry. One of his arms was cut off and fell on the ground, and a gush of blood came out.

It was like the shadow was a different person, but they were certain that their opponent was none other than Rocky.

Liam and the other senior manipulator looked scared. They

embered what her master had told her. She had to seal Rocky with Dragon Twined Wood once an abnormal change happened to him.

She didn't hesitate to seal Rocky. She took out the Dragon Twined Wood and began uttering the seal incantation.

Rocky looked at Sabina who was in his way, and it was like he didn't recognize her. He wavered his weapon again and rushed where she was as the strong evil spiritual power was emitted from his body.

Sabina couldn't resist his attack because she had to finish uttering the seal incantation first. Otherwise, it would not work.

Duchess Silver suddenly neighed loudly. In an instant, a cyclone appeared around it. The three silvery horns on its head created a blast of wind, rotating like propellers. Then the wind left on Duchess Silver's body formed a wind wall in front of it and Sabina. When Rocky's spiritual power collided against the wind wall, a huge draft of wind was created.

But Rocky's evil spiritual power was stronger. The wind wall broke, and he headed to Sabina's location again.

A few more seconds later, the Dragon Twined Wood in Sabina's hands was stimulated by the incantation and it roared like a dragon, which sounded loud enough to wake the dead. The entire Dragon Twined Wood flew in the sky straightaway in the shape of a dazzling golden dragon. The dragon opened its mouth and inhaled all the evil spiritual power that approached Sabina. Meanwhile, it hovered in the air. Then the dragon straightened its back and hastened towards Rocky. Upon seeing this, Rocky brandished the blade in his hand to attack the dragon. However, the attacks were dispersed by the light coming from the dragon.

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