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   Chapter 448 Evil Power

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The two of them fought relentlessly with one another for over half an hour when finally they both stopped in a spot to catch their breath.

Even though Liam was three levels higher than Rocky, now he was only a level ahead of Rocky once Rocky entered the state of Spirit Possession. Indeed it was the Frozen Wind Dagger in Rocky's hands which accentuated his spiritual power exponentially. With that the fight between them was almost balanced out to that between equals.

However, Rocky could only maintain the state of Spirit Possession for half an hour or so at the most. And it was at this point, Rocky sensed that the state of Spirit Possession was about to fade into oblivion. Once this state was lifted, he would lose all his power which was fueled by the Spirit Possession. But his opponent, on the other hand, was more than capable of continuing the fight with the same intensity.

It was clear now, Rocky had to defeat Liam before the state of Spirit Possession was lifted from him.

Just then, Rocky once again lit the flame light and let it engulf his entire body while lunging at Liam rapidly with the Flaming Blade of Frozen Wind Dagger brandishing.

On seeing Rocky thrust himself forward, Liam braced himself not be careless and make any mistake. He gathered his spiritual power and was now prepared to fight back. As Rocky closed in, he raised his spiritual power and roared, "Taste the thunder and lightning!" The image of a gigantic knife formed by a bolt of lightning reflected in the sky above, in an almost frightening manner, with his gesture, moving forward right towards Rocky.

Rocky, too as a reflex movement, wielded the Flaming Blade of Frozen Wind Dagger, weaving an airtight curtain of Dagger Dome in front of him blocking him from harm's way. Both the mighty spiritual powers collided with each other once again. And all of a sudden, the entire sky was filled with bright explosions which sparked like dazzling fireworks.

The sound of blast echoed.

In the end, Liam's attack seemed to be more overpoweringly stronger than Rocky's defense. Because of Liam's move, a bright light lit all around, and smoke arose within tens of meters making everything seem foggy. And owing to this Rocky's figure was completely blurred.

"Did I hit him?" Liam's face shone bright with optimism when he saw that his attack of spiritual martial arts had defeated Rocky successfully.

And just as Liam was easing up, a palm-sized flame shadow shot from between the smoke suddenly yet rapidly. It was wrapped around the lines of flame, swiftly and constantly rotating up. The momentum it gained was extraordinary.

This shadow was yet another Spiritual Weapon of Rocky's, Dragon Flame Pearl!

In an instant, t


He couldn't just die here after all that had happened. He could not give into the painful circumstance this way!

He needed more power to make it through.

Suddenly, Rocky felt something evil inside his body that wanted to tear out and come alive. His eyes turned bloodshot red with rage.

"Just reveal yourself and get free from me!"

All of a sudden, a voice commanded inside Rocky's head. The voice shook him like a bolt of lightning. An evil yet powerful spiritual power sprang out of his body, forming countless black beams. In the blink of an eye, the black beams swallowed up the thunder ball which had enveloped him and was drowning him in pain. Just as it freed him from the thunder, the black beams wrapped him entirely.

Meanwhile, in Iron Dino Legion, Sabina was leading the troops to resist various offensive strategies. Right now Iron Dino Legion was separated from the Black Dragon Legion. Suddenly, she felt a strong burning sensation in her chest. She stood frozen in a spot for a while, before she reached out to take out the Dragon Twined Wood, which was a close-fitting collection of her.

"Has Rocky been in an accident? Will he be fine?" Sabina recalled her master Marcia's warning from the moment before she left. Marcia asked her that she must remain on Rocky's side when Dragon Twined Wood was in abnormal condition.

So, when Dragon Twined Wood was in an abnormal condition now, Sabina assumed it was possible that something had happened to Rocky now.

With these thoughts, Sabina's cold eyes grew warm with concern. She did not have time to care about what was happening now. She immediately gathered spirit and then opened a portal in the Magic Spiritual Space. After that, she summoned Duchess Silver, jumped on its back and began flying towards the inner lotus array direction.

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