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   Chapter 447 Super Spirit Possession

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6336

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"Thunder Dragon Strike!" Without warning, Liam leaped high into the air before rushing downwards with widespread arms made stronger by the spiritual power. The sky was lit up by two dragon-shaped lightning bolts which were then followed by the violent crackle and boom of a thunderstorm.

Liam wanted to end the war with this strike.

"Burn Heaven and Earth..." With the power imbued by the Heavenly Stage, Liam's fierce spiritual martial arts now blocked Rocky in every single direction. The oncoming strike would be impossible to escape. Then Rocky calmed down and lifted his arms. Calling Evil Flame, Rocky attacked Liam with full strength.

Although he was hit by Rocky's flames, Liam's thunderbolts remained intact and even managed to pierce through the Evil Flame instantly.

With no other place to retreat to, Rocky gathered his spiritual power to wield his Frozen Wind Dagger to fend off Liam's attack.


The dragon-shaped lightning bolt met the Frozen Wind Dagger with a deafening crash, illuminating the whole area with a blinding light.

The impact resulted in a huge shock wave that caused the ground under Rocky's feet to collapse.

"Ptooey!" Rocky spat out a mouthful of blood as he felt his hands shake from the attack. Even with the power of the Holy Dragon Bead, he wasn't able to fill the strength gap between him and Liam.

It was a miracle he could still manage to stand on his own two feet. An ordinary, first-grade spirit manipulator of the Heavenly Stage would've easily succumbed to the attacks of a fourth-grade spirit manipulator of the Heavenly Stage.

Rocky wouldn't back down. Clenching his teeth, he started his counterattack by waving his Frozen Wind Dagger. A single but powerful Evil Flame burst out and transformed into a Moon Blade that forcefully pushed Liam back.

'How could a spirit manipulator of Rocky's level be able to

ished the Spirit Possession and was now covered in red scales and fire. The Frozen Wind Dagger he wielded grew longer, thicker, and more powerful.

With the success of the Spirit Possession, Rocky reached the third grade of the Heavenly Stage. New and more powerful spiritual powers were cast on him.

Showing no fear, Rocky faced Liam with the Frozen Wind Dagger and Evil Flames. He used them to block all of the attacks that Liam was sending to him.

Liam used his immense skills to take on Rocky's advances. Suddenly, a lightning bolt pierced through the Evil Flame.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Soon, the entire area was engulfed in a series of deafening noises, dazzling lights, and powerful winds.

Nearby, the soldiers stood in astonishment as they witnessed the epic battle between Rocky and Liam.

The soldiers' attacks began to wane, their focus was now completely on the ongoing combat between their respective masters. It was an event nobody wanted to miss.

They were both on the ground now, intertwined. Each powerful blow made by either of them caused damage so great that everything within a 100-meter radius of them was killed and turned into ashes.

Each strike, each blow caused all those witnessing the battle to tremble in fear.

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