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   Chapter 446 Rocky VS Liam

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At that moment, several spirit manipulators from the Black Dragon Legion, with their spirit-manipulated beasts, dashed forward to intercept their enemies. Although their enemies were warriors at the Heavenly Stage and too powerful for them, they knew they could never withdraw nor desert. As soldiers, they swore to fight for their empire until their dying breath.

Inspired by the several spirit manipulators, the remaining army of the Black Dragon Legion, led by Rocky, soon fought fiercely with the defending army of the Timber Deity Empire at the inner layer of the array. The sound of shouting, killing and fighting was all that could be heard from a distance. As the battle grew more intense, such sound became more despairing and deafening.

Only two men didn't join the battle, Rocky and the middle-aged man.

"My name is Liam Lie, Mr. Bai. I would like to offer you a piece of advice: If you want your troops to live, you'd better surrender now. My master appreciates your talent, so I wouldn't want to hurt you if possible!" the middle-aged man said in an arrogant tone with his hands crossed. Rocky knew that there was a hidden meaning in his words—he didn't want to be accused of tormenting those weaker than him.

He did have the capabilities to boast and to be arrogant as even Rocky couldn't gauge how strong he was—his strength was at least above the third grade of the Heavenly Stage.

He knew that this would be a difficult fight because he was only at the preliminary level of the Heavenly Stage. His only advantage was the spiritual power inside his body, as it could match with those of the common spirit manipulators at the second grade of the Heavenly Stage. However, facing Liam whose strength was above the third grade of the Heavenly Stage, he realized that he didn't have any advantage at all.

Despite that, he was not intimidated at all, because his real opponents were far more powerful and stronger than Liam. If he would be afraid right now, he wouldn't be able to gain the courage he needed to face his real opponents.

Hence, Rocky decided to take out his Frozen Wind Dagger. As he wielded it, it turned into a black-red Flaming Blade. He thought that the gap between their strengths could be reduced with this weapon.

Rocky continued staring sharply at Liam as he gripped his weapon. His eyes were full of determination and fierce fighting spirit.

Uriah and Rubygon felt the figh

ement from his enemy was not good news. He felt that he shouldn't underestimate the power of his enemy's attacks! He knew that his strength was far more powerful than that of the second grade of the Heavenly Stage.

"Rushing Thunder!" Liam launched another punch as his eyes became sharper. Instantly, a wave of spiritual power with the Thunder nature dashed towards Rocky. It was much faster this time, like a lightning bolt that abruptly flashed.

Before Rocky had enough time to react, the spiritual power got close to him like a fierce beast who was ready to gnaw at him.

Without showing any sign of fear or panic, he immediately put the Flaming Blade of Frozen Wind Dagger in front of him and summoned the extreme Evil Flame power in it.

A loud sound of explosion was heard all throughout the battlefield again.

The two kinds of power crashed into each other again. In an instant, the thunder power shone brightly, while the Evil Flame was dispersed.

Rocky felt his arms trembled and numbed. He also lost his stability and was forced to take a few steps backwards. The pain of his whole body told him that Liam already used the power at the third grade of the Heavenly Stage.

Before Rocky had enough time to take a breath, Liam rushed up to him like a fast-moving shadow, while his whole body exuded a very strong aura at the fourth grade of the Heavenly Stage. Immediately, a sharp killing intent shrouded Rocky again.

He was surprised by the power Liam had just released. He didn't expect that his strength had reached the fourth grade. The gap between their strengths was quite obvious now!

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