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   Chapter 445 The Appearance Of The Three Masters

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"It seems you really want to be defeated by me," with a subtle smile Rocky said.

"I wonder if you have the ability or not. But I believe you must be thoroughly prepared, otherwise, you wouldn't have come here," Woods said with certainty. He knew that Rocky was well prepared.

"Well, I have a better proposal. Why not you order your army to go back and give the Hippo Land to us. So that we can still be friends," Rocky said suddenly.

"Sounds alluring! It is impossible. To be friends with you is my intention. I will not surrender the Hippo Land until and unless you break the Magic Lotus Array. By then, I will make a retreat to avert more deaths." Woods promised.

"Are you serious? Then I am only left with the choice of breaking the Magic Lotus Array," Rocky sneered in contempt.

Woods returned to the army of the Timber Deity Empire with a meaningful smile.

The army of the Timber Deity Empire swarmed on the ground, instantly forming the Magic Lotus Array that gradually blossomed danger.

"Commander Ji, according to our plan, you will lead the Iron Dino Legion into the array with my Black Dragon Legion. Commander Marin and Dunn will lead the Thunder Bird Legion and Whiter Tiger Legion respectively to launch an attack once the Magic Lotus Array is closed. And rip a hole in an hour. This is the key to breaking the array," Rocky commanded.

Before their arrival, Rocky had already divided the eight thousand forces of the Crimson Dragon Army into the Black Dragon Legion, the Iron Dino Legion, the Thunder Bird Legion and the Whiter Tiger Legion, each consisting of about two thousand soldiers and several spirit-manipulators.

Rocky and Sabina led the Black Dragon Legion and Iron Dino Legion respectively, one for attacking and the other for defending. Whether they were successful in destroying the Magic Lotus Array solely depended on their teamwork. A minor mistake could sabotage their whole plan.

Sabina, Marin and Dunn were ready to execute the plan as Rocky gave the green signal.

"Let's begin!" Rocky's eyes gleamed with determination as he signaled Sabina.

Sabina's Iron Dino Legion took the lead and formed a peltate array. While Rocky's Black Dragon Legion followed eventually and ch


"Then who is there to protect you?" the man enquired with a worried expression.

"Don't worry, I will be fine. Go now!" Woods ordered. What was more important was to ensure the normal functioning of the inner attack. He knew clearly that once the inner layer stopped attacking, the Magic Lotus Array wouldn't be able to deal with the Crimson Dragon Army whose soldier strength was double that of theirs.

The three men exchanged glances and left to obey the orders.

Rocky led the Black Dragon Legion into the inner layer and started disrupting the attack function of the inner layer.

As Rocky was about to destroy the attack function of the inner layer, three masters of the Heavenly Stage appeared out of the blue, their bodies glistening with copious spiritual light, followed by hundreds of soldiers.

A spirit manipulator of the Heavenly Stage was equivalent to a commander. Though they didn't lead an army, their existence could stabilize the spirit of the army.

So the soldiers who had panicked a little when Rocky entered the inner layer calmed down on seeing the three masters of the Heavenly Stage and bravely confronted the Black Dragon Legion.

The three masters of the Heavenly Stage hesitated to launch an attack, but stared at Rocky.

"Leave him to me, while you two dispose of the others," the middle-aged man whispered to his fellows, pointing at Rocky with a serious expression.

Both of the other two nodded and rushed to the other sides.

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