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   Chapter 444 An Opponent Deserves Appreciation

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The first thing Rocky did upon returning to the tent of Commander was drawing down, with pen and paper, the Magic Lotus Array that he had just experienced. He included its formation, operation principle, various attack methods, etc.

He knew that he must find the weakness of the Magic Lotus Array in order to break through it. He also knew that in order to find its weakness, he must have a good understanding of it, which was why it was important for him to try this array out!

After he tried this array, Rocky found that although this Magic Lotus Array was similar to the Eight Heaven Locks Array, it was not as mysterious as the latter. The Magic Lotus Array was pretty awesome, but it lacked a variety of changes of its own formations, including flexibility. Therefore, finding its weakness would only take time, but it was not difficult.

And here came another sleepless night for Rocky.

During tonight's battle, the Timber Deity Empire's garrison suffered heavy casualties that there were only over four thousand troops now. However, Crimson Dragon Army's losses were probably only half that of the Timber Deity Empire's garrison.

This was extremely bad news for the Timber Deity Empire's garrison!

At the same time as the Crimson Dragon Army withdrew, Woods disbanded the Magic Lotus Array and repositioned the perimeter of the camp of the Timber Deity Empire's garrison overnight.

"Fortunately, I have learned the Magic Lotus Array from Alyssa before I came here, otherwise the Crimson Dragon Army would have already won by now! This Magic Lotus Array is the only thing that could decide whether we could keep the Hippo Land or not! Unless the Crimson Dragon Army manages to break through this array, no amount of soldiers could help them win," Woods said firmly at this very moment as he was looking at the moon from the camp of Timber Deity Empire's garrison.

"Sir, I think we still need to immediately send the message to the princess and ask her to send reinforcements to help us," a middle-aged man said, standing behind Woods. He was one of those three masters at the Heavenly Stage who were being sent to protect Woods' safety.

"Alyssa is now leading the army and ready to attack another Crimson Dragon Army's strategic fort that is at least three days away from the Hippo La

t Rocky excelled in so many arrays, most of which they had never seen before.

Sabina, in particular, was really impressed by Rocky because she thought that Rocky even knew more arrays than her master, Marcia, who was one of the Three Great Generals of the Holy Dragon Empire.

Following the same patterns, Rocky spent three days to finally find a way to control the Magic Lotus Array, the Four Beasts Array.

Therefore, on the third day, Rocky and Sabina, together with the three Commanders of the Crimson Dragon Army, once again led the troops to the outside of the camp of the Timber Deity Empire's garrison at dusk. They were ready to fight again with the Timber Deity Empire's garrison!

"Are they finally here?" Woods, who was in the tent of Commander became so serious once he knew that Crimson Dragon Army had appeared outside their camp. "Assemble the whole army and put them in battle positions outside the camp," he gave a decisive order directly.

Before long, all the troops of the Timber Deity Empire's garrison were gathered outside the camp.

In the end, the two armies were deadlocked and a great war was approaching!

Riding on Rubygon, Rocky made his way to the front of the Crimson Dragon Army. On the other side, Woods stepped out of the Timber Deity Empire's garrison as well.

They looked at each other. It was easy to see that they both carried an air which let people admire and respect them.

"I have been waiting for you for a long time." Woods looked straight at Rocky who was on Rubygon's back.

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