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   Chapter 438 Intimate Embrace (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5623

Updated: 2020-02-23 00:14

On the other side, there was a man and a spirit-manipulated beast in the dark not far from where the battle took place.

It was Rocky together with his beast. "Where is Sabina? It's weird. She should've been here earlier than me." The confusion was drawn on his face because he couldn't find Sabina anywhere. He helped a lot during the battle not long ago. He was the one who startled the Timber Deity Empire army and attracted the enemy's attention with his trick, making it possible for Marin and the army to break the enemy's defense and smash their lands which led them to their success.

After breaking the enemy's defense, Rocky followed Sabina to the west side of Hippo Land. However, her spirit-manipulated beast suddenly sped up which caused her sudden disappearance. Rocky traced the path that he thought she went to, but it turned out he was wrong, neither Sabina nor her spirit-manipulated beast was to be found. As he wondered where she might be at the moment, he noticed that Marin was fighting with someone from Timber Deity Empire. From his clothes and level of power, Rocky guessed that he might be a Commander.

The two of them were in the middle of intense battle, and it looked almost even. He could easily tell it from just the looks because both were already exhausted and barely giving out their best.

Not far from them, their spirit-manipulated beasts were fighting with each other. As he could see, Verdanim's opponent was also at the third grade of the four-star level, but Verdanim was superior so Rocky knew that it would win their battle.

'Well, I guess Marin doesn't need my help. She's in control of the battle and soon, she'll win, ' Rock

o win wars ages ago.

He had made the plan already before fighting her, and he kept on waiting until he found the best chance to execute and get a hold of capturing Marin. He was aware that Timber Deity Empire wouldn't win that war because the Crimson Dragon Army had a greater number of soldiers.

So he thought of the best plan to turn the tables and win, that was to catch Marin. 'I could beat the Crimson Dragon Army even without the help of Woods!' Commander Wei cried loudly in his mind, and he couldn't help but admire himself.

Marin saw how determined he was to capture her, but she couldn't do anything to change the situation. She knew that she was going to be the prey of Commander Wei, and she felt upset knowing how helpless she was. There was a face that popped up inside her head, and she couldn't help but tremble with such thoughts.

'Rocky Bai, where are you now?! Why don't you come and save me this time?!' Marin shouted in her mind as if calling Rocky in her mind would make him appear in front of her. She had a strong feeling that Rocky would appear and save her life in that circumstance.

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