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   Chapter 437 Blood Dyed The Ground Red

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8699

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"When will I own such a magnificent beast? Just forget about it. Let's go now." Rocky maintained a steady gaze in the direction where Sabina took off riding her exemplary beast. He then patted Rubygon on its head signaling it to leave too.

Rubygon let out a thunderous roar, stretched its legs and began to speed hoping to catch up with Sabina and her beast.

Meanwhile, on the Hippo Land's west side, the two armies were neck and neck in a fierce battle.

The Crimson Dragon Army led by Marin was in high spirits and determined as they charged ahead to the Timber Deity Empire's military camp. But the Timber Deity Empire had managed to gather a large and strong troop and with that, they stopped the Crimson Dragon Army hundreds of meters before the military camp of the Timber Deity Empire.

Suddenly, the dull sky had been awakened with a series of fires lit around the battleground. Both the armies clashed and began fighting on the slope in front of the Timber Deity Empire's military camp. The soldiers met their enemies head-on with aggression, and as the casualties began to rise on each side, loud sounds of chaos and violence filled the air.

While some soldiers struggled to get up after being knocked down, some fell on this foreign land once and for all, never to wake up again. Battles were cruel and cold but the blood scattered across the field remained warm. Every man was fighting with all his strength, not just to save their lives but, to defend the honor of their land and shedding blood for this noble cause was a way of proving their loyalty. Many would sacrifice their lives as a testament to their loyalty and dedicated service. But in the end, all that remained was an incessant war.

"Charge ahead, warriors! Kill all the soldiers of the Crimson Dragon Army. I have tolerated them for far too many days patiently. And today I finally have the chance to confront and greet them with aggression. Stop their middle route army in their tracks. And seal their west route." After delegating the army, Commander Wei led several spirit manipulators at the Earthly Stage to the war. He swiftly dashed through the battlefield killing soldiers of the Crimson Dragon Army who came in his way.

Commander Wei looked deceptively ordinary but he was at the second grade of the Heavenly Stage. And the military ranks of the Timber Deity Empire were different from those of the Holy Dragon Empire. They also had Frontline Commanders and Elite Commanders in their ranks. But the standard for promotion of the Timber Deity Empire commanders was stricter than that of the Holy Dra

now!" Witnessing Commander Wei summon his unnatural looking spirit-manipulated beast, Marin immediately let out Verdanim from her Magic Spiritual Space.

Verdanim, whose body was larger than common spirit-manipulated beasts, flew through the crack of the Magic Spiritual Space and imposed its presence as a high-class spiritual race. The spirit-manipulated beasts of the Timber Deity Empire soldiers cried fearfully at the sight of Verdanim.

Even Commander Wei's Huge Pointed-mouthed Rat looked a little scared on seeing Verdanim majestically fly down from the sky.

On any given day, four-star third-grade Verdanim was far more powerful than the Huge Pointed-mouthed Rat. After all, dragons were one of the most powerful high-class races among the spirit-manipulated beasts in the Wild Spirit Land.

The sight of the great war dragon wiped the smug expression from Commander Wei's face instantly. He didn't expect that Marin would own such an excellent war dragon, at such a young age, which made him burn up with rage and jealousy. And the advent of Verdanim made him realize that the chance to win was narrow.

But Commander Wei coveted Marin and desired her, he was no longer willing to return without her. With such intentions driving him, Commander Wei ordered his Huge Pointed-mouthed Rat to confront Verdanim as he launched an attack on Marin. Marin showed no trace of fear and bravely faced Commander Wei. Both of them exhausted every skill they mastered with neither of them showing any signs of concession.

The war went on for an hour, many people died, and their blood painted the ground crimson red. But the Crimson Dragon Army was at an advantage for being in a high spirit after making a successful raid.

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