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   Chapter 435 The Surprise Attack

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Updated: 2020-02-22 08:11

With her cold gaze at Rocky's back, Sabina murmured to herself, "This guy is surely unique. But why would Master Marcia want me to protect him? What on earth is he hiding?" After finishing speaking, she rushed forward to catch up with Rocky.

Soon, they arrived at the garrison camp of the Timber Deity Empire's army. Without any stop, they headed towards the ferry where the army's cargo ships docked.

The garrison camp was heavily guarded. Every once in a while, the patrols could be seen here and there. Yet, Rocky and Sabina could easily avoid them due to their great stealth. Finally, they got close to the ferry. Finding a place to hide, they began to observe their enemies at a closer range.

At that moment, they spotted six ships carrying grain and other supplies near the bank of the ferry. Also, a squad of spirit manipulators and a group of soldiers were on guard, looking stern and alert.

"So, what do you want to do next?" Sabina turned back and asked Rocky, hoping to get some valuable insight into his plan on how to burn the ships.

"I'll use ropes to connect these ships," Rocky said pointing to a bundle of thick ropes behind his back. For convenience's sake, the rest of the ropes were stashed away in his Magic Spiritual Space.

"If I remember correctly, you said you wanted to burn the ships before. Why don't you set them on fire immediately?" Sabina questioned. His strange idea left her confused.

"Obviously, I'll need to burn all the ships completely. To do that, we'll need to cause a huge scene that will send them into a panic. The six connected ships on fire will surely turn heads!" Rocky exclaimed in a low voice with a sinister smile.

"But what about the guards?" Sabina asked as she pointed at the group of spirit manipulators and soldiers guarding the front of the ferry.

"Your turn to be the bait." Rocky informed Sabina with a smirk.

"So, you had this all planned out just to trick me." Sabina realized as she glared at him with her cold eyes. Finally, she understood. Rocky tricked her into being here not to protect him but to help him hold back the enemies and give him enough time to destroy the boats.

"Since when did I trick you? And isn't your main goal to ensure that I stay protected?" Rocky retorted without any remorse.

His words left Sabina blushing, irritated, and shocked. "When this is over, you'll be sorry." Sabina stared at him, her eyes abla

o Land. Having set fire to the heart of the enemies, he knew that now would be the perfect time for Marin and her troops to attack.

West of the Hippo Land, Marin, and her five thousand troops were waiting for the right moment to attack. As soon as she noticed the camp of Timber Deity Empire was on fire, she knew Rocky's plan succeeded.

With no hesitation, she sternly ordered the three leaders of her troops, "Divide yourselves into three squads. The middle squad will set off first to distract the enemies with a fake attack. As for the left and right squads, you shall hide along the road and wait for my order."

Under the dark of night, five thousand black shadows separated into three forward-moving streams rushing from the west of the Hippo Land to the Timber Deity Empire's defense line.

The middle squad was first detected by the Timber Deity Empire's defending troops who looked impatient and not alarmed at all.

"Damn it! Why did they return again?"

"Aren't they tired? Why do they insist on feigning attacks a few times every day?"

"Ignore them! They'll all be scared out of here soon, just like before."

The soldiers stationed at the front of the line failed to realize that the small squad was only sent as a distraction. Thinking that this was another fake attack by the Crimson Dragon Army, they decided not to inform and update the camp.

From behind the middle squad, Marin was pleased to see that the Timber Deity Empire's soldiers did not raise the alarm. After the remaining two squads joined the middle squad secretly, she ordered loudly and sternly, "Soldiers, attack now!"

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