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   Chapter 434 Many Secrets

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"How many people are there?" Rocky squinted his eyes and tried to look at the distance.

"Three. They are about in between first or second grade of the Earthly Stage, and there are three two-star second grade spirit-manipulated beasts with them," Sabina whispered concisely.

"We must get rid of all of them, including their spirit-manipulated beasts, without being noticed by their camp's defending group," Rocky suggested. He knew that his strength alone was not enough to kill all the spirit manipulators together with their spirit-manipulated beasts. So, he immediately looked at Sabina and asked, "Commander Ji, can you kill all of them with just one blow?"

"Of course I can kill all of them in one breath, but they aren't some woods that would stay still and wait for me to kill them without fighting back or creating noise," Sabina arrogantly answered and showed the whites of her eyes to Rocky. She thought of a good plan to kill them with ease and whispered to Rocky, "There would be no problem if I can strike them from behind, but somebody must draw their attention first." After speaking, she fixed her cold glaring eyes on Rocky.

"What's the meaning of that look? Don't tell me you're suggesting that I'll be the one who will draw their attention. What if they feel threatened after seeing me and then go rampage and kill me?" Rocky said, emphasizing every word he had just said. Of course, he understood what Sabina was trying to say.

"If you don't want to do it, then who else would?" Sabina looked at him coldly.

"All right, but please protect me if something happens. It's too dangerous to be served as a helpless bait in there!" Rocky said, seemingly serious.

"Stop pretending in front of me, Rocky. I know your strength has already reached the Heavenly Stage and you're also a royal spirit manipulator," Sabina frankly said, nailing each of his secrets.

"How did you know that I'm a royal spirit manipulator?" Rocky was surprised to hear what Sabina had just said. It might not be difficult for her to figure out that he had already reached the Heavenly Stage, but he was sure that it was not easy to figure out that he was a royal spirit manipulator. As far as he could remember, he hadn't done anything suspicious or produced any sign that would reveal him as a royal spirit manipulator when he was at the Wild Heaven Pass.

Rocky had no idea that Sabina had learned all of these facts about him from her master, Marcia.

"Stop talking nonsense. Just hurry

paring for that moment. He shook his hand, and it made a crack in the air, summoning two beasts that rushed out of the crack. They jumped on the three two-star second grade spirit-manipulated beasts and attacked them.

After a few moments of fighting, the three spirit-manipulated beasts became black and injured all over their bodies. They fell on the cold, hard ground and died afterward.

"You have two spirit-manipulated beasts?" Sabina felt dumbfounded and startled when she saw two spirit-manipulated beasts came out of Rocky's Magic Spiritual Space. She had seen Rocky with two beasts when they were at the Wild Heaven Pass, but she hadn't known that Rocky was able to manipulate them at the same time. Shock and awe were an understatement, indeed.

Rocky whistled, and the two beasts, Uriah and Rubygon, immediately ran back to the Magic Spiritual Space.

"I'm glad there is something about me that you still don't know." Rocky took a glance at Sabina, and he beamed with pure joy. Being surprised was already a rare expression that he could see on Sabina's face, and it amused Rocky very much.

"That doesn't count!" Sabina said in a disdainful tone despite the shocked look on her face. But the fact remained that it was still unknown why Rocky could manipulate two beasts at the same time. Normally, a spirit manipulator could only be recognized by one spirit-manipulated beast as their master. She had never seen nor heard any spirit manipulator who could manipulate two beasts, and even her master wasn't capable of doing that.

"Let's go," Rocky said in a flat tone, and then he continued to walk forward to the camp of the Timber Deity Empire.

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