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   Chapter 433 More Complicated

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7745

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When Marin witnessed the sheer coldness and cunningness in Rocky's eyes, she almost froze for a moment. Whenever she saw this kind of expression on his face, there would be something big waiting to happen.

"I'll get ready right away." However, Rocky's words incited Marin to fight again. After so many days of utter humiliation, this was her chance to avenge herself.

"When you leave, please help me call in Commander Ji," Rocky said.

Marin took a look at Rocky and felt very strange. The atmosphere surrounding him had a sudden transition. Rocky was all out serious, but she was not sure about what was going on. Furthermore, at that moment Rocky projected an aura of a powerful Commander.

"Commander Marin?" Rocky asked in a confused tone, as he saw Marin not leaving but looking at him dazedly.

"Oh, I'll go now." Marin came back to her senses. She blushed and thought from her heart, 'What's wrong with me? I can't believe I was staring at Rocky! The most important thing now is to get the Hippo Land back. This time we must ensure the garrison of the Timber Deity Empire would experience the real might of our Crimson Dragon Army!' Thinking about all this, Marin walked out of the Commander's tent.

Not long after, Sabina walked in stone faced as usual. She had a quick glance at Rocky and then asked, "What's the matter?"

"How about going for a walk inside the enemy's military camp tonight?" Rocky said light heartedly, but with a hint of irresistible aura.

"Go for a walk? What do you mean?" Sabina asked with a wild frown after hearing what Rocky had said. She had no clue on Rocky's intentions.

"Actually, I want you to protect me. After all, it's not safe for me to go to the enemy military's camp all alone. However, with the protection of a master at the Supernal Stage like you, it would be a different story!" Rocky made his intentions clear.

"You want me to protect you? Why should I do that?" Sabina snorted.

"Didn't you protect me last time?" Rocky sounded out.

"Did I?" Sabina glared at Rocky and tried to act like nothing had happened.

"Well, if you don't want to come with me, I won't force you. Tonight I'm going to burn the transportation boats of the Timber Deity Empire..." Rocky smiled and continued.

"You want to burn the boats? Tonight?" Sa

in and out of here safely. Ordinary people could never get out safely if they get in!" Rocky explained with a smile.

"It is true. However, at least there should be some spirit manipulator's guardians," Sabina said.

"Even if they send more spirit manipulator's guards, they encounter some superiors like you. They can never make it alive," Rocky said meaningfully.

"What kind of superior am I? I'm not even close to my master!" Sabina said with coldness.

"Your master? Who is your master?" Rocky could not help but ask. He thought in his heart, 'If Sabina possesses the enough strength to enter the ranks of the strong in the Holy Dragon Empire, then her master probably would be one among the best masters in the world! Who could that be? Could it be someone I know?'

"Why are you asking so many questions? Wait a minute!" Sabina said angrily. At that moment, she suddenly felt something and stopped.

On seeing this Rocky followed her and stopped.

Sabina leapt lightly into the overhead branches. A moment later, she jumped down and said, "There are some spirit manipulator's guards ahead." After saying that, Sabina looked at Rocky with a smirky look.

"What? Last time I was here, there were no spirit manipulator's guards. Is it because..." Rocky thought for a while and suddenly his eyes became serious. The handsome man he had met the other day came to his mind. He understood that fearing he would use the same route again, the handsome man had sent the spirit manipulator's guards to watch over the marsh area.

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