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   Chapter 431 One Real Big Fish

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"Firstly, the spirit manipulators in the camp would notice my sound if I shout out for help. The camp is just 500 meters from here. A spirit manipulator of the Earthly Stage could arrive in seconds. Secondly, the sentry is generally sent to collect the enemy's information and not to fight. Therefore, his strength would be just ordinary and not powerful enough to take me away. In general, I could handle it alone." The man took his time in analyzing the whole situation.

Rocky had great admiration for this man after hearing his words. All his analysis was so thorough and clear and his calculations were very much accurate and precise. Every aspect he had listed out was reasonable and logical. This man was not to be taken lightly.

"What's your position in the Timber Deity Empire Army?" Rocky asked hesitantly.

"Military advisor," the man answered in a cold tone.

"Military advisor?" Rocky narrowed his eyes.

"You'd better go back to your camp now. You can never take the Hippo Land back as long as I'm here," the man said in a gentle way. Though not arrogant, his sound was brimming with confidence.

"It seems you are the guy who advises the Timber Deity Empire, right?" Rocky now was sure that it was this guy who nearly trapped Crimson Dragon Army.

The man just smiled a little but he didn't say one word. He seemed to acquiesce in Rocky's suspicion.

"So, if I would take you back to my camp, will I get generously rewarded for that?" Rocky's eyes were lit up.

Suddenly, Rocky could notice three spirit manipulators who were all ready to go after him. The three hidden spirit manipulators were all above the Heavenly Stage and absolutely more powerful than him.

"Theoretically, you would get rewarded if you can really take me with you." The man nodded calmly.

"Who are you exactly? You are not just an ordinary military advisor in the Timber Deity Empire Army. You got three masters above the Heavenly Stage around to protect you." Rocky was in do

lapped with him without any hesitation.

"It looks as if I didn't come here for nothing. We'll meet each other soon!" With that Rocky disappeared into a shadow.

At the same time, three figures showed up from different directions. With upmost respect, they all kneeled on one leg in front of Woods.

The three figures, all above the Heavenly Stage, were dressed up in purple gowns with a mark embroidered on the left shoulder.

"I've told you not to follow me," Woods said unhappily.

"My lord, it's too dangerous for you to go outside alone. Princess has warned us repeatedly about your protection," one of them with a square face answered with utmost respect.

"Alright, just this time." Woods waved his hand.

"That young man is not weak. He could sense out all of us." The middle aged man was quite surprised by Rocky.

"Moreover, he behaved calmly even after discovering all of you, which is by the way not at all an easy thing! If it's really him who leads this Crimson Dragon Army, then it would be so much fun!" Woods smiled with interest and looked at the fishing rod.

Suddenly, one big fish jumped out of the water and bit the bait on the rod above the river.

"Only this kind of big fish can get that bait," Woods spoke profoundly. He then placed down the rod and left with the three guards.

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