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   Chapter 430 An Encounter With A Mysterious Man

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Marin's brows furrowed in deep realization. "No wonder," she started, "the Crimson Dragon Army failed to siege the Hippo Land in all their three attempts. It turned out the defending army of the Timber Deity Empire has such a shrewd figure."

"But I'm not sure if this person is the Commander of our enemy's army." Sabina let her apprehension go out into the open.

Rocky found the need to stop any more discussions. "That's all for today," he declared. "Commander Dunn, please go and order the logistics team to prepare dinner for our soldiers and lead some soldiers to hunt for dinner. It's been a long day for them; they need more meat for their dinner." He took a deep breath, and then said to all the three people in front of him, "You all must be tired. You may now leave and take some rest." After ordering like a Commander, he turned and left.

Dunn followed suit and left Marin and Sabina alone.

As soon as she noticed Rocky was out of earshot, Marin approached Sabina with a curious face and asked, "Sabina, what kind of person do you think he is?"

"The kind who rubs me the wrong way," Sabina quickly responded.

"I used to feel the same way. But if it weren't for him, I might have been ambushed by the enemy," Marin replied honestly with a slight frown. Rocky was younger than her and had significantly less military experience than she did. However, he had the confidence of a competent general who had undergone hundreds of battles. He was also a quick thinker. Marin was still impressed by how he figured out the ambush by the enemies in their previous battle just by staring at the footprints they left behind. An ordinary person could not have figured that out. Now, she felt less annoyed with him. On the contrary, she thought highly of him.

"Indeed, he is a capable leader. It seems like he figured out the defense methods of our enemy at the very beginning of the battle," Sabina said coldly at first and then skeptically the next second.

"If that's the case," Marin asked, "why did he still use my offensive plan?" Realization slowly crept into her consciousness. If Rocky knew about the enemy's plan to ambush, it would have been much easier to not have pursued her plan at the beginning.

"Maybe he was trying to test the enemy. Yet, I don't know what he was trying to do! No one does!" Sabina added coldly. Then, she turned and left.

Marin frowned, sighed, and then walk

as he looked at the man up and down.

"Well," the man replied calmly, "I already caught a fish, didn't I?" The handsome man looked up and smiled at Rocky. It seemed as if he wasn't fishing—merely standing by until someone found him.

"So, are you waiting for anyone?" Rocky asked with his brows raised.

"This is the rear part of the camp, the only place with no guards. It has no defense because the swamp is enough as a natural barrier. If the Crimson Dragon Group is smart enough and wants to gather more information about their opponent, they should send people here to the camp. But, for the first three times, no one from the Crimson Dragon Group showed up here. You are the first person to come here," the man said leisurely as he looked at Rocky with great interest.

"So, that's why the Crimson Dragon Army all failed to recapture this place," Rocky said calmly with a light smile. Looking around for a while, he continued, "Since you've been waiting for the spy of the Crimson Dragon Army to come, you have also set up an ambush in the vicinity, haven't you?" After that, he became alert to any possible ambush.

"No." To Rocky's surprise, the man shook his head.

"What do you mean? Why not?" Rocky inquired. "Are you not afraid that the spy would take you back to the camp of the Crimson Dragon Army and torture you if you're alone and defenseless? You don't look like a spirit manipulator. As an ordinary person, you're just really brave to intercept the spy of the Crimson Dragon Army here alone." He realized that the man in front of him was a puzzle much more than he could comprehend.

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