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   Chapter 429 Intentional Retreat

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Upon the next sunrise, the Crimson Dragon Army concluded the deployment of three thousand soldiers under the command of Dunn. The soldiers joined by two squads of spirit manipulators were tasked to attack the weakening front line of the Timber Deity Empire.

As Dunn's army focused on damaging the weak front line of the Timber Deity Empire, Marin and Sabina led an army of six thousand soldiers and three squads of spirit manipulators. They sneakily deployed an ambush attack on the west side of the Hippo Land, ready to attack the west front line as soon as the Timber Deity Empire army fought back.

The entire mission was led by Rocky who stayed behind with his army of less than one thousand soldiers.

Under the leadership of Dunn, the army adhered to the plan and easily gained the upper hand in their battle against the Timber Deity Empire troops. It only took Dunn and his three thousand soldiers an hour to fully damage the enemy's weak front line.

Not long after Dunn's successful penetration of the Timber Deity Empire's front line, sounds of fighting, crying, and screaming filled the air.

As Marin anticipated, the raid launched by Dunn's army disrupted the defense front line of the Timber Deity Empire. Soon after, more soldiers were deployed to fight against Dunn's troops.

Marin and Sabina took no time to hatch a plan. Upon realizing what was happening to Dunn's troops, they deployed their soldiers and the squads of spirit manipulators. They attacked from both sides of the west of the Hippo Land and focused on penetrating the front line of the Timber Deity Empire from both sides.

After an excruciating battle, Marin and Sabina's six thousand soldiers were all gathered in the center of the battle ground. They planned to press forward to the enemy's den. But first, they had to cross the forest that separated them from the camp of the Timber Deity Empire army, and destroy their remaining defense line.

With a quick exchange of confident looks, Marin and Sabina were ready to lead their army into the forest that would take them to their enemy's lair.

Then, the forest began to tremble as trees all around shook with force and shadows appeared and disappeared into the darkness.

In the forest, Rocky—who was supposed to be left behind—emerged. He stood stoically as he watched the ongoing battle in front of him, showing no intention of offering help.

"There are much fewer soldiers in the west side than what we have prepared for," Rocky muttered. "This is a pr

Why did we come back?" Dunn patiently waited for Rocky to answer.

He saw Marin and Sabina approach, Marin's face curled into a horrid expression.

"It seems like the Timber Deity Empire knew about our plan," Rocky explained. "They have set us up for ambush and were leading us towards a trap. Perhaps the weakened defense line found by Commander Marin was intentionally left for us to find." Rocky bowed his head in dismay.

"You think they left it on purpose?" Marin said, horrified at the idea that they were walking into a trap.

"Perhaps you're right," Sabina supported Rocky. "Perhaps the defense line wasn't really a simple defense line. It was a trap. They were trying to lure us into attacking them further only so they could eventually have us fall for their plan." Cold air stirred the room.

Dunn and Marin stood silently, their faces pale in shock.

"It seems that we have underestimated them. Commander Ji is far more experienced than we thought." Rocky stared wistfully at Sabina. Upon hearing her analysis, he felt a surge of appreciation for her rise up inside him. He was happy to know that Sabina and he shared the same line of thinking.

"I encountered a similar strategy in the army before," Sabina recalled. "As soon as we get deep into the defense line, they will switch roles. The defender will become the attacker and launch violent attacks. The person who thought of using such a tactic must be very skilled. We are going against a person who seems to be far from ordinary," Sabina added thoughtfully.

"Well," Rocky said, "it seems like we have an exciting battle ahead." After exchanging looks with the team, Rocky's lips curved up.

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