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   Chapter 426 Could It Be A Legend

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"If I were you, I'd keep my lips sealed right now!" Sabina in a dash said to Rocky in a frosty voice. Clearly, she didn't yearn to hint at what transpired that day, because for her sake, what had developed that day was lamentable.

Because it was the first time in her life that she had looked at a man who showed up naked in front of her. Generally speaking, that man who had done such action should have already been wrecked.

As soon as Isis heard that Sabina seemed to be issuing threats to Rocky, she became even more curious. She pondered in her heart, 'What precisely was this extraordinary occasion?'

After seeing Sabina's resentment and killing face, of course, Rocky was not slow on the uptake enough to go on saying anything about that day. After all, she was a master at the Supernal Stage that he could not challenge with.

"Rock... Commander Bai, Commander Ji has just been transferred to the Crimson Dragon Group. She had exceptional capabilities and rich experience in battle. Moreover, she likewise has profound attainments in the art of war. Commander in Chief is contemplating how back-breaking it will be to retake three strategic strongholds, so he requests Commander Ji to join your troop." Isis had a story prepared in advance that she wouldn't reveal Sabina's authentic identity. That was because if she did it, Rocky's reaction would be challenging to hazard a guess.

Isis did demand to get a glimpse of the expression on Rocky's face when he learned what Sabina was here for. However, it appeared to her that if Rocky learned the truth, he might discontinue this mission or even go missing. After reflecting about all the possibility, she concluded not to take the risk.

Nevertheless, Isis was also speaking the sincerity. Sabina did be extremely strong and full of experience of battle. She was already one of two powerful Deputy Commanders in Chief in Marcia's Rime Army. With such a respectable identity, it was really an unjust act for her to be said as a Frontline Commander in the Crimson Dragon Group.

"OK," Rocky responded gently and took a glance at Sabina and then at Isis. He felt that Sabina didn't give the impression of desiring to follow Isis' orders, because Sabina, without a suspicion, was stronger than Isis, and Sabina's approach towards Isis was not as accommodating as that of superiors and subordinates. So, Rocky deduced that Sabina had stepped in to rescue him that day was not related to Isis.

But if not, why did Sabina in no time turn up at Geisha House and rescue him?

Rocky was disconcerted for a while. However then, he reflected for a moment and in a flash remembered that he had already seen Sabina's unparalleled strength before. It meant that if Sabina joined

na, you are pulling a leg at me again. Why would you show up here?" Marin inquired subconsciously.

"From today on, Commander Ji would be a part of our troop. She will accompany us in the forthcoming battle..." Just at this time, an amiable voice came. Everyone glanced at the sound direction and set their eyes on Rocky coming back. He declared this on top of his voice.

Apprehending this, the soldiers in a twinkle of an eye heartened and tickled pink. They didn't look forward to having such a beautiful Commander. They could not help but feel like a dog with two tails to be included in Rocky's troop this time.

As shortly as Marin heard Sabina join Rocky's troop as a Frontline Commander, there was shock on her face. However, she cooled down in an instant as she knew well that the reason why Sabina would come here was about Rocky. So, she couldn't help but look at Rocky in a peculiar way.

"Commander Marin, is there anything on my face?" When Rocky discovered that Marin peered at him with a strange look on her face, he stared straight into her eyes and inquired in an abrupt.

"Yes. You've gotten flies all over your face, and I crave to slap you to kill them!" Marin said angrily then went back to organize the troop.

The morning passed and Rocky's troop which was made of ten thousands of soldiers was ready and all of the soldiers were in high spirits.

After noontime, Rocky, along with Marin and Sabina, led the army slowly away from the main camp in the sight of the crowd. Even Lance came out of his tent to have a glance at them leaving.

It could be seen that everyone attached great importance to this operation. However, no one was conscious whether Rocky could perform miracles again this time to meet everyone's expectations and reacquire the lost territory for Crimson Dragon Army.

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